Choosing the right TV

Facts you should know before purchasing a new TV


Screen size: you must get a TV for your needs. So you will have to consider where to put it. It is recommenced that the distance from TV and the place where you will watch it should be 5 times bigger than screen size.  So if you buy a 1m screen TV you should stay at 5 meters away.

This is a general recommendation: every producer has a different distance, so inform yourself before buying.

Resolution: common LCDs offer:

– HD ready. HD ready concerns the abilities of television receivers to display high-definition pictures. Minimum native resolution 1366 x 768.

– Full HD.1080p can be referred to as full HD or full high definition although 1080i is also “Full HD” (1920×1080 pixels).

So Full HD means better resolution and quality but also it means you will pay more for the TV.

Aspect Ratio – Most LCD and Plasma TV’s come in widescreen (16:9) but there are other options available.

LCD and plasma TVs

LCD stands for liquid crystal display.

The basic idea of a plasma screen is to illuminate tiny colored fluorescent lights to form an image. Each pixel is made up of three fluorescent lights — a red light, a green light and a blue light. The plasma display varies the intensities of the different lights to produce a full range of colors

LCD and Plasma TVs have a lot in common.

LCD and plasma TVs are sleek and slim, easily mounted on a wall or fitted snug against the side of your living room.  Because LCD and plasma TVs are totally flat you can watch them from a wide angle, save space, look sharp.  Besides their sleek and thin look, LCD and Plasma TV’s have lots of additional features and perks that you’re missing out on with an old CRT (tube) TV. 

However, there are some key differences between LCD and plasma TVs that might influence your decision about which type to buy.

The advantages of Plasma over LCD are:

  • Larger screen size availability
  • Better contrast ratio and ability to render deeper blacks
  • Better color accuracy and saturation
  • Better motion tracking

LCD television advantages over plasma are:

  • No burn-in of static images.
  • Cooler running temperature.
  • No high altitude use issues
  • Increased image brightness over Plasma
  • Lighter weight

3 recommended brands:

  • LG LCD TVs
  • Samsung LCD TVs
  • VIzio TVs

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    Now, I know what to consider when choosing a television. Thank you so much for all of these information. Really appreciate it.

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    Yes a plasma looks better in terms of color. But I myself will go with an LCD any day. Simply because they last longer (15 years to 7 years), use less power, and actually have a better picture quality as they are truly wide screen unlike plasmas.


  3. Now a days everyone preferring to have LCD whether at home or offices in shape of their monitor, what do you think that LCD is much costly than plasma one?

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  7. This TV is a great value. It looks excellent (especially when connected to a Sony BluRay). The adjustable backlight with light sensor is a nice feature.

    It has excellent picture quality. Standard definition channels look better than they do an a tube TV. The HD channels look amazing.

    It has a good number of HDMI inputs and enough connectivity to other devices.

    Sound quality is excellent as well – but can always improve by hooking up a surround sound system.

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  10. LED TVS may not exactly be what you think they are. The term LED TV might be a somewhat false because they are really LCD TVs that make use of light producing diodes or LED in short as a source of light instead of fluorescent lamps. LED lighting as compared to fluorescent lamps has more colors and contrast levels. And due to the fact that the LED is actually smaller sized than fluorescent lamps, super slim TV styles are being produced now. Of course, there are various other advantages consisting of better power effectiveness and stability, which further help in enhancing these TVs appeal.

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