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Regardless of the type of phone or tablet that you buy, it is almost inevitable that the first thing to go wrong is the charger. Normally the problem is with the pin or the cable itself. While this does not mean that the chargers could be substandard, it does go to great lengths to show that they are not well suited to conquer the current harsh times.

If this is not the case, most people will buy another charger. This is because, most phones and gadget companies take endless hours designing the gadgets but not the chargers or charging cables. Therefore, whereas one may buy a gadget because it fits their style, it is more likely that the charger will not fit the bill and as such will have to buy a new one. If either of the above is your case, then you might want have to take a peek into the lightning rabbit cables.

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Unlike your conventional charger, the tips of lightning rabbit cables are made of aluminum which not only makes them lighter but also more durable and able to withstand some good amount of pressure. This allows the charger to be able to survive longer with less care.

Lightning rabbit understands that you may want to plug in your phone and be able to text while sitting at your bed. While the length of the cord of your charger many not allow you to do this, there is no doubt that the 5 foot long cable of this particular charging cable will more than help you in that goal.

Using rubber coating allows the cord to be malleable. However, rubber is affected by the changing aspects of weather which overtime makes it brittle. That is why lightening rabbit cables are coated with a fabric. This provides better protection and as fabric is not affected by a lot of aspects it is able to last longer without compromising on the flexibility of the cable. See LATITUDE28 Design for more details about this.


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Ultimately, you may be interested in the stylish colors that this cables come with that are able to reflect a lot of richness of color and style. They also come in a variety of colors and hence one is able to pick their choice. When the need arises, now you have an idea of where you could get a charging cable with a better quality and with a difference.

By Jonathans White

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