CERES – Hybrid Tube Amp

A high-quality, hybrid tube Amplifier, delivering fantastic audiophile level sound in a beautiful and easy to use package.Ceres is designed around a Classic Sound, single tube architecture. The Dual-Triode tube amplifies the incoming signal which is then routed to the Class-A Solid State buffer to provide the proper power to drive a wide variety of speakers and/or headphones. User selectable attenuation and output impedance insure the best sound possible. Ceres can also be used as a line amplifier/buffer between low drive power sources (such as smart phones, music players, LP record players, etc) and your existing stereo system.

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A Raspberry Pi version of Ceres is available with a standard 40-Pin GPIO/I2S interface and TI PCM5102A 24-Bit, 192Khz DAC.

Using the wildly popular Raspberry Pi (2 or 3), this model delivers the full, lush sound of a classic Dual Triode Tube Amp to all your favorite music. Turn your Pi into a wireless audio streaming music server. Place it on your night stand, or at your office desk, or anywhere you listen to your headphones. The selectable Attenuation Switch lets you also use the model to drive powered bookshelf speakers or your existing stereo system.

Both CERES and the 502HTA have already passed the beta stage and are ready to enter production now. They will be 100% ready for full production once the campaign ends. Choose your model on their Kickstarter campaign page here: https://goo.gl/nTUVvS

By Mark Christophor

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