Celltack Review

I just received a small gadget called Celltack for review. It is the world’s first wearable smartphone docking system and it is in fact a small, smart device which allows an improved functionality of the way we interact with our phones.


Images sources indiegogo.com

Celltack was designed as functional jewelry for iPhones and smartphones. This gadget has 3 parts: 1 ring and 2 magnetic cleats. You will attach one cleat to the back of the phone and then use the ring to keep you phone on you hand or use it as a mini docking stand (as seen in the image posted below). 

celltalk stand


The other cleat can be posted on a place you want to keep your phone, usually a desk or a wall.

celltalk wall grip

Celltack review

The Celltack is one of the gadgets I like: it is small, useful and simple to use. With it you will always have a mini stand for your phone and you can keep your phone handy using the ring. The creators want to also make an app which will allow users to do all sort of cool things with the Celltack ring and their smartphone. Right now there is an Indiegogo campaign for this. You can get more details from here.

To see exactly what this gadget can do watch the vide posed below.

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