CD/DVD Repair Kit

If you care about your DVD/CD collection it is best to protect the fervently used CDs and DVDs. The CD/DVD Repair Kit will help you to protect your precious data.

CD DVD Repair Kit

CD/DVD Repair Kit features:

  • Cleans and repairs all your CDs, DVDs, CD-RWs, CD ROMs
  • Also repairs your XBox, Playstation, Nintendo Wii, Sega Dreamcast and GameCube game discs
  • Repairs damaged discs to give them a new lease of life
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Simple Instructions

The discs that you use most frequently are those that are most prone to damage. If your discs are getting dirty and scratched then bring them back to life with this ingenious repair kit.

It couldn’t be easier to protect all your vital data. This disc repairer is fully automatic with clearly marked function buttons so all you need to do is insert your disc, add the appropriate solution and press ‘clean’ or ‘repair’ to suit your requirements. Your disc will then be returned to you in tip-top condition.

To repair a CD/DVD just follow these simple steps:

  • Insert cleaning or repair wheel
  • Add repair solution or spray cleaning solution
  • Insert disc
  • Clean or repair simply by pressing the appropriate button

Pricing and availability

The CD/DVD Repair Kit price tag is £12.95 and you can get it from

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  1. Oh nice to see the repair kit and its features here. Thanks for it. It is really essential now days because most of the CD/DVD get lost due to virus.

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  3. Not sure it’s worth going to the trouble of investing in a gagdet which does so little. I suggest you save your money and put it towards a gadget you’ll get much more use and enjoyment from – a sonos multi-room system.

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