Super Films to DVD

If you have 8 mm film you will love this post. The technologies advanced in the last years and rally made our lives better and better. Now there are new technologies in every field and the movies industries is not an exception. Now you can have a 8mm converted in …

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How Smart Homes Will Affect Plumbing Systems

How Smart Homes Will Affect Plumbing Systems 3

It seems that smart home technology is finding its way into just about every device in your home. Your plumbing system is no different. Understanding just how smart home technology will affect plumbing systems is an important step to be able to utilize these new devices effectively. Here are a …

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How Streaming Changed The Face of TV

How Streaming Changed The Face of TV 5

Ever since the 1950’s the world has been obsessed with television. Although television was invented in 1927, it wasn’t until 1941 that it was used for advertising and in the 1950’s there came the television advertising boom. For a long time it seemed that broadcast TV would always be a …

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Securing Your Digital Currency Assets

Securing Your Digital Currency Assets 7

The more popular the digital currencies become, the more serious and versatile the security threats grow. There are many growing companies out there that focus on cryptocurrencies with various focuses in their blockchains, and the need for proper security measures has never been bigger. Here are some tips with regard …

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4 Steps to Transform Your House into a Smart Home

4 Steps to Transform Your House into a Smart Home 10

Transforming your home into a smart home used to be an expensive proposition. With the increase in demand, innovative solutions have been developed. Here are some of the ways that you can quickly and easily bring your home into this century. Use Smart Outlets to Advantage There isn’t any need …

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Building a New Home? 5 Technologies to Install

Building a New Home? 5 Technologies to Install 12

Building a new home is exciting. When you’re building, all the options are overwhelming. There are many different types of technology and gadgets you can put into your new home. Knowing the best technology to help make your home the way you want it will help you have the best …

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Ownerless Businesses Are The Future?

Steven Buchko wrote an interesting article about the ownerlees business. In his opinion the advancement in blockchain technology makes this possible. The article was originally published at – and I have included the whole article below. With Blockchain, Ownerless Businesses are on the Horizon Owners Schmowners Almost every …

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Introduction to Blockchain Technology

Introduction to Blockchain Technology 14

With a massive rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies, it is inevitable that we talk about the blockchain technology. As we all know, there’s a saying that once something goes online, it’s on the internet forever. The reason behind this is the fact that anything posted online can be copied, saved, …

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Finding the Best Deals With Jclub

Finding the Best Deals With Jclub 16

Online shopping is a huge market and everyone seems to like a good deal. The actual reason why eCommerce is so popular is because it has several major advantages: it is comfortable to shop from home and have the products delivered to your door it is simple to compare prices …

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