Emerging Fire Protection Technologies

Emerging Fire Protection Technologies 1

There’s nothing more important than making sure you and your property are safe and secure, both at home and in the office. Technology related to fire protection has changed a lot over the years, but this is still the basic principle behind it – make sure everyone is out of …

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Newest Technologies in Cars Making Today’s Roads Safer

Newest Technologies in Cars Making Today's Roads Safer 3

Technology has taken over many aspects of modern living, and cars are no exception. Most of the new features are focused on safety to prevent auto accidents. These efforts have been experiencing considerable success, according to an auto accident attorney in Denver. Here are some of the recent advances in …

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Get the Wedding Pics of a Lifetime Using Drones

Get the Wedding Pics of a Lifetime Using Drones 7

You’ve planned your dream wedding, from the dresses to the cake, and are now looking for something truly unique. Impress your friends and family with wedding pictures like they have never seen before, by buying or renting a good camera drone to gain a whole new perspective on marriage. Image …

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5 Trends That Are Shaping TV Industry

5 Trends That Are Shaping TV Industry 9

As times goes by, TV remains one of the most beloved household items. However, it seems that, with the rise of internet and streaming, it is the hardware, not content, that undergoes certain changes – digital invasion, streaming, changing business models… Television industry is definitely experiencing some major changes. But, …

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The Future of Internet?

Two studies are showing how people are using the internet these days. Will the smart devices be the future? This inforgraphic shows you how we are uings the current technologies. Courtesy of: Infographix Directory

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Stale Smartphone? 5 Ways to Deck It Out

Stale Smartphone? 5 Ways to Deck It Out 11

Smartphones were once the newest, hottest thing, but now that everyone has them and the designs haven’t changed much in the last few years, you might be finding yourself getting a little bored with yours. Here are five of the coolest ways to deck out your stale smartphone. Image sent …

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Test Your Mobile Knowledge Quiz [Infographic]

Almost every one of us is using mobile phones these days. From calling, listening music, instant messaging, using apps, social media we are using mobile phones for various purposes. There are some really interesting things about mobiles that every one of us should know about. So, take a small quiz …

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