1byone Digital Wireless Smart Body Fat Scale Review

1byone Digital Wireless Smart Body Fat Scale Review 1

If you read my blpg before you know that I love to review cool gadgets. The latest thing I got for review was the 1byone Digital Wireless Smart Body Fat Scale with Phone and Tablet App to Manage Your Weight, Advanced Bluetooth Technology to Monitor Your Diet. Like any tech …

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Shortee Stylus Review

The latest gadget I got for review is the Shortee Stylus. It is a pen which can be used to operate touch screens. This gadget is small and and features a conductive fabric micro-fibre tip which will make it work on all touch screens. Image source A big plus …

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Power Bank Charger for Cell Phones Review

Power Bank Charger for Cell Phones Review 2

I was not the biggest smartphone fan. I only got one because my tablet broke down and the guys from the service did not repair it properly. The main disadvantage of a smartphone is that you always need a socket to charge it because if you use your phone intensively …

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Learn and Play with Biggifi. Product review

Learn and Play with Biggifi. Product review 4

The BiggiFi is an Android device which allows turning your old TV into a smartTV. This gadgets runs on Android and uses the TV as display. With it you can browse the internet, use the social media sites, listen to music, watch videos or online TV (there are thousands of …

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Celltack Review

Celltack Review 5

I just received a small gadget called Celltack for review. It is the world’s first wearable smartphone docking system and it is in fact a small, smart device which allows an improved functionality of the way we interact with our phones. Images sources Celltack was designed as functional jewelry …

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iCookie Review

iCookie Review 6

iCookie is a small and smart gadget which allows you to track and keep you child or belongings close to you. This gadget works paired with the iCookie app which must be installed on a smartphone and it acts as an anti-lost tracker. With the iCookie gadget you will not …

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HiloBlack Diamond Prestige Glasses Review

I just got a pair of HiloBlack Diamond Prestige glasses to review. Image source It may seem that glasses are an old and boring subject and there is not much to say about these things, but in fact there are new technologies used and the designs are constantly changing. …

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System Mechanic Review

System Mechanic Review 7

What is System Mechanic? System Mechanic is a system tool create to make your computer run faster and fix the most common computer problems like eliminating the junk files, defragmenting the HDD, optimizing the Windows Start-up. According to the manufacturer this software can: accelerate the whole PC performance making your …

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Intempo Big Beat Review

Intempo Big Beat Review 8

The Bluetooth speakers and music systems are becoming more and more popular these days. Until now I had the pleasure of  testing some good products such as the Cygnett Soundwave Bluetooth Speaker and Dock or the Wireless Mini Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth 3.0 Stereo Speakers. The latest product I received to …

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