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Accessories for Your iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is the newest generation of the iconic iPhone. Unlike the iPhone 4 and 4S, the iPhone 5 has a different design that requires special accessories. This means you have to purchase specific accessories that are unique to the iPhone 5. Accessories can make your phone experience better, …

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Mobile Apps and the Changing Business Trends

Had this been ten years back in time, it would have been difficult to get a grip or even simply imagine how mobile applications could have changed the face of business or life. The smartphones are now account for 80% of the market and for this reason, firms are now …

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The iPhone 5S – what to expect?

Any new release from Apple is bound to attract its share of attention, and the upcoming iPhone 5S – which is due to be announced on September 10th – is certainly no exception. While you’re waiting for the device to hit stores like E2Save in the months to come, why …

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Top 5 Guitar Apps For iPhone and iPad

Top 5 Guitar Apps For iPhone and iPad 2

Those whose passion is music, can’t live without it any single day. And, if you’re a musician, the iPhone definitely has something for you. Here are top 5 various apps that guitarists find useful and fun. And even for those who has never held the guitar in his hands, it’s …

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8 Apps to De-stress Travel Plans

When going on holiday or business trip there are essential items that you can install on your smartphone device to make sure your trip is stress free. The app market is like the modern day Swiss-army knife, offering a wide range of practical and intelligent apps to save you time, …

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HTC: Time for a change

HTC: Time for a change 3

HTC has launched its biggest ever global ad campaign, which will feature a new ‘Here’s to Change’ strap line and the face of Robert Downey Jr, star of Iron Man. Downey Jr, who was named last month by Forbes as Hollywood’s highest-paid actor, has signed a two-year contract with HTC, …

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LG Optimus F7: A Great Mid-tier Smartphone

LG Optimus F7: A Great Mid-tier Smartphone 5

One of the most challenging things for small to mid-sized business to do is to budget their limited funds so that they can acquire everything they need without incurring unnecessary debts. Perhaps the endeavor that every businessman should put the most devotion to is the selection of the gadgets they …

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