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How i-mode Technology works

How i-mode Technology works 1

What is i-mode i-Mode (the I stands for information) is a wireless technology developed by the Japanese company NTT DoCoMo that enables users to access Internet services via their cellular phones. i-Mode is based on packet data transmission technology. With this tech users pay for data transfer and premium content. …

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How to navigate through mobile phones

Mobile phone is part of today’s quick affecting civilization. If we constantly stop for a quick breather and look back 10 years, do not you ever wonder how we deal with to live without a mobile phone? Mobile computing is also a great way to know the details sitting anywhere …

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My favorite photo print site

My favorite photo print site 2

I love internet because it makes things easy. Today I’m going to show you my favorite photo site which I use to turn my digital photos into paper ones at great prices and to make a lot of other cool thing with images like calendars photo canvas, great looking business …

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Calling in India

There were times, not long ago when india calling was very expensive. Not a lot of people afforded to call in India. The new technologies make phone calles cheaper and cheaper. is a site specialized in selling india calling cards. This is an international calling service with exceptional rates …

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I think Nokia N96 will be my new phone

Nokia N96 with 5 megapixel,Carl-Zeiss optics and dual LED flash is the phone I would like to buy for myself. N96 has a built-in GPS receiver with A-GPS support plus 3.5mm headphone socket for audio, TV-Out in SDTV resolution and DVB-H receiver. I will be honest the GPS, the camera …

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Unique silver mobile phones

Unique silver mobile phones 3

The site Silver mobile phones sells unique silver mobile phones. The first unique phone they created is Nokia 7260 Silver. Jewelers used precious metals for their masterpieces. These materials do not change as millenniums pass by. This precious mobile phone with sterling silver cover has Swarovski mounted on the joystick …

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Laptop batteries

Laptop batteries are getting old. So if you have problems with your laptop battery it is time to get a new one. Laptop batteries & laptop battery finder it is a fast way to locate the battery you need. You can sort the batteries by designs, chemistry, voltage, amperage and …

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