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Smartphones 1

In the last 10 years, the global environment has experienced significant advancement in technology. Notably, the significant technological advancement that has resulted in a breakthrough in the dot-com era is the establishment of smartphones. These wireless gadgets have significantly revolutionized the market by presenting new ideas in entertainment. The advancement …

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Will We Find The iPhone 5 at T-Mobile in 2012?

Will We Find The iPhone 5 at T-Mobile in 2012? 2

According to Mobile t mobile blog it will possible to find the iPhone 5 in the T-Mobile offers in 2012. Rumors say that the iPhone 5 will be available for T-Mobile starting form this Fall. The T-Mobile representatives said that the iPhone 5 will not be available this year. The …

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Quad-Core Chips for Mobile Phones

According to many blogs about mobile phones, Nvidia has just released Tegra 3 — the first quad-core CPU. The new chip will make smartphones move faster and it was created for multitasking and high definition videos. Each of the 4 chips of Tegra’s 3 will provide 1.3 GHz computing power. …

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Samsung Galaxy S2 vs iPhone 4S

Samsung Galaxy S2 vs iPhone 4S 3

Much to Apple’s annoyance the Galaxy S2 has been a hugely popular Android handset, and has been the first smartphone to knock the iPhone range from its prized spot as bestselling smartphone in many markets. This is probably one of the main reasons that Apple have targeted Samsung so much …

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Phone Signals Across The UK

We all recognise the frustration of losing a mobile phone signal and helplessly wafting our mobile phone through the air in the hope that it makes a difference.  It sometimes appears that signals are getting weaker instead of better and with all the technology available, the mobile networks are failing …

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The Most Useful Apps for Almost Every Phone

The Most Useful Apps for Almost Every Phone 4

If you’re a techno-geek, you probably have a phone that has the capability of doing everything but wash your car windows. And as soon has the waterproof upgrade comes along, you’ll have that app, too! Until then, in no special order, here are some of the most useful apps for …

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Top Business Phones To Use

There are so many smartphones in the market now that it’s difficult to tell which the best business phones are. As a business you need a phone which is reliable, user friendly and one that has features for you to communicate with people in different ways, some people are even …

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iPhone 3Gs the Fastest iPhone Ever

According to Apple the iPhone 3Gs is the fastest iPhone ever made. With it you can quickly launch applications. Web pages render in a fraction of the time, and you can view email attachments faster. From all the latest Mobile phones the iPhone 3GS stand out of the crowd with …

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