33 Cryptocurrencies Described in 33 Words Or Less

There is actually no one best cryptocurrency to buy and investing in cryptocurrency is risky, but investing in only one is way more risky. A lot of cryptocurrencies have various use cases and they promise to disrupt in various industries. This is a great way to hedge the risk and …

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Turn Your Home Into A Fortresses With Artificial Intelligence

With robbers and burglars becoming ever so smart and intelligent, we cannot rest on our laurels as far as home and workplace safety is concerned. While there is no doubt that we need to pay importance to modern gadgets and other forms of round the clock surveillance and monitoring, there …

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Esports means Electronic Sports – a form of organised, competitive gaming between professional gamers. Competitions are organised by several local and international organisations around the world, and the sport is rapidly growing in popularity. In 2017, the combined revenue for Esports was over $650m and has grown steadily year on …

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The Evolution of Video Game Storage

The very first video games invented needed no storage space as there was no continuous story throughout the game, so saving memory was not needed. Later, when games became more complex, it was necessary to store saved games in order to keep track of your in-game progression. Memory was initially …

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Can I have American Ip to access Netflix US?

Can I have American Ip to access Netflix US? 1

Netflix is quite a phenomenon on the web these days. Right now Netflix is an amazing success with over  69 million subscribers. It is probably the most important on-demand streaming website which allows user registration and access from USA,  Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South America and some Eu countries. It …

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The Cost of Running A Startup (Infographic)

The Cost of Running A Startup (Infographic) 2

Did you know that you could save 80% of costs if you decide to run your startup in Manila instead of Zurich? Also, web developers and web designers in New York are paid more than those who are in London and even Paris. Some of these facts may be surprising …

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Iron Man Gadgets

Iron Man Gadgets 3

At QuizFactor we are all about big quizzes. Iron Man aka Tony Stark uses state-of-the-art gadgets to battle crime and protect the citizens of the world with his high tech flying suits. To celebrate today’s release of Iron Man 3 in cinemas, we have explored the high tech world of …

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