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Fantasia: Music Evolved

Fantasia: Music Evolved 1

Walt Disney, the production company responsible for multiple animated features, and Harmonix, the group behind Guitar Hero, have teamed up to create what has been dubbed “Fantasia: Music Evolved”. The original Fantasia was released in 1940, and comprised of 8 animated sections that were set to classical music. According to …

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The era of online mobile gaming!

Online mobile gaming nowadays has become a multi-million dollar industry.This is the right time for all game developers to make use of the vast ownership of mobile phones. There are departments in companies which have been devoted solely for development of games due to its extreme popularity. The smart phones …

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7 Xbox Games You Must Play Before The End Of This Year

7 Xbox Games You Must Play Before The End Of This Year 2

Provision of amusement is every game’s top purpose. Games are entertaining and new ones are always coming out but there are several unique, more interesting and fun games you must play before the end of the year. These are such that have attracted the attention of lots of people and …

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Top Scariest Games for Mobile

Top Scariest Games for Mobile 3

It is not a wonder why many groups of avid gamers choose to play scary games over the others that belong to a different genre. The element of grotesque and surprise makes these scary games a cut above the rest. It’s the game of the bravest and the fearless, so …

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Ambitious game Grand theft Auto5: Rockstar or not?

Ambitious game Grand theft Auto5: Rockstar or not? 8

The next Grand Theft Auto is bound to be a huge thriller, here’s why: Car modifying Scuba Diving Epic Side Missions Hang gliding In game smart phone that allows your character to take pictures and video Customize weapons, including scopes, silencers, and high capacity magazines Pick up hitchhikers, do yoga, …

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Will the iPhone 6 be the best gaming device

Will the iPhone 6 be the best gaming device 9

If you were to lose your phone these days you might feel lost without it, this is because they are so much more than just communication devices. They allow you to do great things such as access maps or videos on demand and can be great tools when you need …

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The Dark Knight Rises Android Game Review

Background Image source The Dark Knight Rises game for Android devices is one of the more anticipated games to come out for the Android device in a while considering the popularity and success of the Arkham Asylum games platform editions available on Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. The …

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Where to Get Cheap Video Games for Your Kids

With the rising cost of both video games and video game systems, gaming is quickly becoming an expensive hobby. This is especially the case for the parents of kids who love video games. Every new game that is released can easily cost around $60, and when that game lasts a …

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