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Game Quality Responds To Device Power, Player Demand

Game Quality Responds To Device Power, Player Demand 1

Electronic gaming has been a popular diversion for over three decades. As succeeding generations have come along, they have demanded ever greater entertainment from their games, and the industry has responded in concert with the device industry. Image source pixabay Within every subgenre of video games, there has been growth …

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Virtual Reality & Gaming

Virtual Reality & Gaming 2

VR is the word on everyone’s lips when it comes to what’s up and coming in the gaming world. There has been high demand for the Oculus Rift, the innovative high-end headset that’s clearly driving early adoption among gadget fans. But virtual reality gaming is gaining traction outside of geekdom, with 5 …

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New Fantasy Farm Game

New  Fantasy Farm Game 3

Gaming is one of my favorite ways of using my free time. Nowadays we travel a lot which can be really boring and this is why we see more and more people using tablets and phones. When you go to and off work or school you need something to distract …

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Top 3 Casinos in the UK Offering Versatile Range of Games & Entertainment

No doubt, the United Kingdom has become the most happening and popular place in the world for having some of the most amazing offline as well as online casino parlours. It is the place which hosts some of the biggest and renowned gambling networks and operators offering incredible gaming entertainment …

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The Oculus Rift: The Next Big Thing in Horror Gaming?

For those of you who don’t know about the Rift, here is the skinny, the low down, the Big Picture. Oculus Rift is a headset, but not just any headset. This fancy looking piece of equipment is so impressive that mega social media giant, Facebook, bought the company that designed …

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G-PAD – Turn your iPhone into a clunky Game Boy

G-PAD - Turn your iPhone into a clunky Game Boy 4

Do you ever feel like your iPhone is just too sleek and sophisticated? Do you long for the clunkier feel of an old Nintendo Game Boy? If you answered “Yes”, then you’re in luck. The new G-Pad device could be for you. It works on iPhone 5, 5S and 5C, …

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The science of game addiction

Video game addiction is a phenomenon that has been getting a lot of attention in the mainstream media in recent years. While most people think of hardcore gamers as being the most likely to be "addicts", mobile users and casual gamers can be addicted to their chosen form of entertainment …

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