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USB RF Wireless Keyboard Review

USB RF Wireless Keyboard Review 1

I just received the USB RF Wireless Keyboard to review it. The tests I have charge it for 2 hours and after that I have stared using it. It is really easy to use: just insert the Voice/Data Bluetooth dongle 2.0 on the USB post, press the On button and …

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More and more internet users want to have their own web site. Thou the free services like Blogger and Squidoo were improved it is better to have your own domain and web hosting because you will have more control. Plus having your own domain name is more professional. And on …

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Get more from your promotional items

Get more from your promotional items 3

Promotional items can be a great way to advertise your business. I say “can be” because they are just marketing tools so it is up to you to use them the right way to get results. You see to produce maximum effect you will have to be creative. Almost everyone …

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V-beat the air guitar

V-beat the air guitar 4

I am amazed by the variety of gadgets. The last product I have seen is the  V-beat Air Guitar. This motion-sensing electronic guitar simulator is perfect for wannabe guitar heroes who’ve graduated beyond air-guitar and tennis rackets, but haven’t quite got to grips with the real thing yet. The pre-programmed …

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Sim only deals

According to comments from the expert SIM only comparison site the SIM card only sales grew with 60% in the last 6 months. Richard Osbourne, Marketing Director at Sim Only Offers  says about this: “we have seen an increase in the number of sim only deals which have been …

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Protect you gadgets with the Invisible SHIELD

In these days we travel a lot and we carry our gadgets with us. But when we transport our devices we can scratch or damage them even if we are careful. The most sensitive parts are the screens and buttons. My cell phone screen was scratched all the time. But …

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