Yonanas First Impressions

Yonanas First Impressions 1

I got an Yonanas to review it and since this gadget promised healthy ice-creams I was curious to try it. The device works with ripe bananas but the ones I got weren’t so ripe. I wanted to test the Yonanas so I place them in the freezer anyway. When the …

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Is It Worth Insuring Your Mobile Phone?

Is It Worth Insuring Your Mobile Phone? 3

Taking out insurance for anything is, by its nature, a gamble. You may never need to use it, and it can be wasted money. On the other hand, if things do go wrong, then insurance can save you money. In the case of mobile phones however, it’s surprisingly how few …

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How to Fix a Warped DVD Disc?

In our daily life, sometimes you would like to enjoy DVD movies during your leisure time. However, when you insert the DVD disc, it just doesn’t play. Then you spend your time finding out what’s wrong. No scratches are on the disc and the DVD drive is just fine. Then …

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Top Fun IPhone Games For Kids

Top Fun IPhone Games For Kids 4

Total War Battle Shogun: Image source apple.com This game is designed perfectly for iPhone users. You need to make your soldiers stand on the tiles and march in straight lanes. You have to score high in order to win. You could use different tactics and skills to win the game. …

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Useful Laptop Gadgets

Useful Laptop Gadgets 5

In the past, laptops were the most expensive computers that have become affordable off late. Today, there are new developments in terms of new gadgets that include: Image source amazon.com Cooling pad – depending on the model of the laptop, they really get hot. If there is continued heating in …

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Gadgets for Christmas

Gadgets for Christmas 6

If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas you must know that the best presents for tech enthusiasts are gadgets and electronics. We all love music so you can offer as a Christmas gift a set of hi quality headphones. Trendy this year are the best Dr dre headphones. The …

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