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Benefits and Advantages of Cloud Storage

Are you still using your external storage drives to backup your data? These days cloud storage has become the most preferred choice for storing data. Instead of storing your data on a storage device at your home or office, you can remotely store your files and access them wherever you …

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Ubuntu Edge: The Ultimate Convergence Gadget?

On the 22nd of July of 2013, a most ambitious crowdsourcing project emerged at Indiegogo. No less  than the Canonical Ltd. founder and father of Ubuntu Linux, Mark Shuttleworth is pitching this idea to the world… and he is asking for a cool $32 million dollars to make it a …

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The Top 5 Laptops for Website Design

The Top 5 Laptops for Website Design 5

When it comes to mobile computing, laptop computers take the cake. While the smartphone era is before us, when it comes to website design and development and you are always on the go, having a laptop computer is still the efficient way for website building. However, with so many notebooks …

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How Can I Fix My Computer By Myself?

How Can I Fix My Computer By Myself? 7

With much technological advancement, it has become for anyone to install a computer program and solve minor problems while working with the system. For example, we all know that restarting computer while operating it can help solve many issues. However, there are some cases that we might not have the …

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A Guide on How to Benchmark a CPU

If you want to learn how to benchmark a CPU it is important that some terms are clarified first. The CPU of course refers to a computer’s central processing unit, that part of your computer that is responsible for performing calculations. The CPU benchmark is a process that tries to …

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