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The carbon fiber is becoming a more and more appreciated material. The phone cases made from carbon fiber are very loved by the users because these devices are durable and offer good anti-scratch and shock protection.

But there are actually more than phone cases being made from carbon fiber. This material is a also a good option for wallets and watches.

A carbon fiber wallet like the Tumi CFX Double Billfold RFID Carbon Fiber Wallet which is made from Carbitex CX6 material (is a dense, intricately woven and engineered carbon fiber) offers a good protection for the credit cards and cash and it also features RFID blocking technology which is very important because it prevents your data being stolen.

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Leather is usually being used along carbon fiber because it is a versatile material which is resistant and elegant.

Carbon fiber wallets are resistant and look beautiful and a good wallet must have RFID blocking technology to protect your personal data.

The carbon fiber is also being used for all sorts of modern gadgets because this material is: very strong, ultra lightweight and it looks modern and high-tech.

I am considering getting a new watch. I had a classic one and I wanted something more modern so I bought a smart bracelet which proved to be a piece of junk and then I bought a different bracelet and it was really disappointing so now I want to get something with classic features and a resistant design. I want to try a carbon fiber watch and I like the Skywatch Carbon Fiber & Black 44mm Chronograph Watch model.

This watch is made from carbon fiber and uses a Swiss-made Ronda 5030.D mechanism.

After having a smart bracelet which scratched really easily a watch which features a scratch-resistant mineral crystal on the front will be a nice change.

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