Car Tech: 5 Amazing Tech Gadgets for Your Car

New cars come equipped with the latest technology that makes driving fun, convenient, flashy, and, in the best cases, all of the above. One may think that car manufacturers will be topping off the highest trim models of their best selling vehicles with the best gadgets on the market. However, they only scratch the surface of what is out there. Hundreds of independent companies are developing tech to work with any car that will enhance every aspect of the driving experience.

Supertooth HD

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SuperTooth HD

Bluetooth technology designed for hands-free chatting has met its match in this product. This small device clips to the visor and uses two high-end speakers in conjunction with two microphones to create a voice-recognized control center. Users can make calls and control audio over the wireless network that is created. The Supertooth comes equipped to recognize 12 languages and is available for a mere $130.

Griffin iTrip

Our smart phones are great at overlaying interesting destinations for maps all over the world. However, it is not always convenient to consult these maps while moving behind the wheel. The iTrip transmits the ideal stops over your radio in addition to playing your favorite music over a variety of FM channels. In addition to playing music stored on your device, it can be programmed to play any radio station available via the web. When you want to stop for food or coffee, simply tune in to the “coffee” or “hungry” radio station in order to explore the relevant choices surrounding you at that moment.

Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics

This device makes it unnecessary to visit the local mechanic to plug into the on-board computer to figure out what is wrong with your vehicle. This small device allows for complete diagnostic capabilities from home. The major selling point, however, is the device’s ability to establish a geo-fence that monitors and sends alerts concerning the exact position of the vehicle. The device will also unlock the doors, trunk, and even monitor the pressure in your Pirelli tires.

Cobra iRadar Atom

The traditional radar detector typically warned drivers once it was too late. The Cobra makes a giant leap forward in radar detection technology by plugging into you smart phone in order to detect all the radar being used in the surrounding area. For only $200, drivers are warned well in advance of when to reduce their speed, and they can tap into the community network to share information with iRadar users in the area.

Garmen Nuvi 3597

It may seem as if built-in navigation systems have little room left to grow, especially considering that they are virtually standard on all new vehicles. However, the Nuvi has managed to make a navigation device that puts the human element back into the technology in a way that actually contributes to getting you to your destination. The Nuvi uses a natural voice to tell drivers to “turn right at the gas station,” for example. The directions seem much more natural than the standard voice than city highway names or formal titles.

Article by Dixie Somers

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