Can I have American Ip to access Netflix US?

Netflix is quite a phenomenon on the web these days. Right now Netflix is an amazing success with over  69 million subscribers.

It is probably the most important on-demand streaming website which allows user registration and access from USA,  Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South America and some Eu countries.

It reads the IP Address of the device which connects to the service and if you are not located in the accepted countries you won’t be able to watch movies. This is unpleasant if you travel of if you live in another part of the world. So if you want to access American Netflix and you are in another part of the world you can’t in theory, but there is a way to the bypass Netflix’s system.


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There is a simple solution to access Netflix from anywhere in the world: just get an american ip for netflix and you will be able to access the service.

This is quite cool because the American Netflix has the coolest features and being able to access it from almost any country in the world is great especially for people who travel.

Using an American Ip for Netflix is a smart way to enjoy the latest movies, documentaries and TV shows because although it is available in many countries the best and the newest shows are available only on Netflix US.

How does this work?

To get and American Ip you will need to subscribe to a service which will act as a middle men. You will connect your device thru an American server and the Netflix will read the server’s Ip address allowing you to stream media on your device no matter where you are located.

Of course the server must be a powerful one because you want to stream content without problems.

I am using a similar service to access Amazon’s prime videos and it is working great. Although I don’t live in UK, I get an UK Ip which allows me to connect to the streaming sites.


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