Camping For The Tech Nerd: 4 Ways To Prepare For Your Next Outdoor Excursion

Tech nerds and camping just don’t mix—until now. Gone are the weekend excursions that went terribly wrong thanks to dead flashlight batteries, failed campfire startups, and lack of fresh water. This is a quick guide for the techy lover ready to spread his wings and give Mother Nature a gentle dose of technology.


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Find a way to power your adventure

Do yourself a favor and find a state of the art solar powered kit from Renogy. They have a positive message about clean energy and the best starter solar powered kits on the market. They can be used to power all of your devices as well as some cabin solar powered kits that can power an off-the grid lifestyle! These kits can be installed on an RV, boat, camper, or a ground mount system for your campsite.

Get some solid earbuds

You don’t want to be three hours into a hike, and have two or three more hours to go without anything to listen to. Try the Plantronics Backbeat Bluetooth Headphones. They have a long lasting battery that gives you about eight hours of wireless play time. Their durability can handle just about any kind of terrain you find yourself in.

Make it easy on yourself for meals

Imagine you’ve hiked for 4 – 6 hours with your waterproof headphones, and you still have to cook a long meal before the sun goes down. That’s where the Go Sun Grill comes in. This grill doesn’t require nearly as much direct sunlight as most other solar powered grills require. You’ll leave no waste behind as it takes zero fuel to run.

Prepare for the worst

Envision yourself hiking, and you run out of water. You can’t tell if the nearby water source is fresh. Do you just take a chance and possibly enter into a world of pain worse than the Luddites back at the office could ever cause? The Sawyer Squeeze water filtration system is perfect for avoiding this fiasco. Hydration is key.

It’s no surprise things can go wrong when you’re out roughing it in nature. Fortunately, as technology improves, so do the solutions. Bring along quality tech. As long as you keep it realistic, you won’t have any problems. Don’t let anyone tell you that bringing along your gadgets doesn’t quality camping make! Be prepared and be smart as you pack for your next adventure.

By Meghan


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