Camball – the world’s smallest camcorder

The size and shape of a golf ball this tiny digital video recorder’s many unique features stand out among camcorders twice it’s size. You can shoot live videos hands-free (with the sports band or other optional accessories)listen to music on the MP3 player and use it’s motion detection function for surveillance.

Camball is perfect for outdoors and extreme sports enthusiasts with 2.5 hours of continuous recording to catch all the action.
From skateboarder’s and cyclists to skydivers, skiers, scuba-divers and surfers. There is an accessory for all to make filming fun and simple. Playing back your videos is a breeze on your PC or TV. In addition Camball can also be used as a driving recorder.
It’s easily mounted on to the dash of your car to record memories of that great road trip or serve as proof of evidence in the event of an automobile accident. Battery time is no issue when you have the USB Car Adapter and Adapter Cable to supply continuous power from your car battery.
The motion detection function makes Camball (SG31 model) a great security or nanny/baby cam or nature cam in addition to other surveillance uses in your home or retail store or office. Such versatility allows you to use Camball however you wish, whatever your needs.

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  1. I want to have it for surveillance operation. Very flexible cam. I love it!

  2. Wow thats pretty cool, I love how small it is and how it looks

  3. This looks like a VERY cool cam. I can imagine all kinds of uses for my business. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Its great with many unique features.

  5. hi..!! after reading your article i think you are wright the camcorder is very useful in sports.i want these type of video recorder.thanks for sharing the information about this.great article.

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