Call of Duty: What is all the Fuss About?

Since 2007, there has been one game that has dominated the gaming world. In 2010, the game had grossed $1 billion and sales worldwide are around the 25 million mark to become the biggest selling game of all time across Europe, the UK and the US. There is only one game that has had such an impact the world over and that is the Call of Duty series. The obsession began 5 years ago and has shown no sign of easing; there are constant updates, new releases, and different variations of the popular game, which has held the consumer interest.


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Online gaming is a popular pastime and has been since the Internet and modern technology has grown to encourage the activity. 72% of all gamers now turn to online formats to play their favourite games that vary from the military themed games such as COD to the classics such as Mecca bingo. 135 million people a month play games online and the market is now full of games for every type of player and to meet the entertainment needs of the key demographic.

Call of Duty: The Facts

  • There have been 100 million COD players since its release in 2007
  • Over 25 billion hours of COD has been played
  • 32 quadrillion shots have been fired
  • 1.4 billion multiplayer games have been played
  • It has sold 25 million copies worldwide

Call of Duty (COD) is aimed at the key online game playing demographic which is one reason for its success. Men in particular are the most enthusiastic about the game although a small percentage of the many players are made up of women and it has quickly and impressively taken over the gaming market and has become influential in other games of the same genre.

Why is it SO Popular?

Social Aspects

There is the opportunity to play on the Xbox live network that allows you to use the multiplayer option either with people that you know or other users from across the globe.


There is a real sense of being in a war, fighting for a joint goal and working together to achieve something.


The graphics throughout each of the games is unlike any other. It is realistic, and true to the WW2 environment.



Most gamers, prefer a game that has the opportunity to brandish some sort of weapon and the military theme makes COD the ideal game for enthusiasts.

Levels and Areas

There are multiple areas to play within, levels that need to be passed and statistics and titles that need to be earned such as ‘first kill’ and least amount of character deaths.


Whether playing against others or simply trying to pass a level, there is a real sense of competitiveness to be the best and to ultimately complete the game. A little competition is healthy and desired during game play.

By Matt Rawlings

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