Call in Backup – How to Backup Your Data on an iPhone or Android

A regular backup of your smartphone helps in quick and hassle-free data recovery. In any untoward incident, such as smartphone theft, you are only worried about the lost device and not your personalized contacts, media and other files. Modern-day smartphones offer simple backup options. You can back up your smartphone data to your laptop or a memory card, or Cloud storage is another option. If you aren’t accustomed to backing up your phone data, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Call in Backup - How to Backup Your Data on an iPhone or Android

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Backing Up an iPhone

With an iPhone, you have two options for data backup—iCloud and iTunes.


iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage system. Data is automatically backed up over a WiFi connection in 5 to 10 minutes. Apple offers users up to 5GB of cloud storage.

If you want to manually backup data from iCloud, go to iCloud settings and tap Storage & Backup. Turn on iCloud Backup. Select the apps you want to back up. You can only select the apps that didn’t come pre-installed with the device.

To automatically back up data, connect the iPhone to a WiFi connection. Plug the power source into the iPhone. If you don’t use the phone, backup will initiate automatically.


If you need more storage space, you can always use iTunes to back up data from your smartphone to the PC. Run iTunes software update before using it as a backup utility.

From the iPhone settings, select the WiFi Sync option and select your PC from the given options. Tap Sync Now to start the backup.

Backing Up an Android Phone

Like iPhone users, Android users can also set up automatic backup on their smartphones. After obtaining user consent, Google securely saves all smartphone data in cloud servers. Here are a few things you’ll want to know about automatic backup:

Automatic Backup

To activate automatic data backup, go to Settings. Under Backup & Reset settings, tap “Back up my data.” Initial backup takes some time, but it largely depends on your Internet connection and size of data to be backed up. Make sure you have a strong internet connection when you are ready to backup your data, and the process will likely go faster for you.

Backup Android Phone Data to PC

In order to back up Android phone data to your computer, plug in the USB cord into the USB port of the phone and the PC. From your PC, access the storage device of the smartphone. Copy the files and folders that you want to back up. Paste the items into a secure folder that is not accessible to anyone else.

Although you might not think of it often, it is important to back up data on your phone regularly. Keep a weekly or monthly schedule depending on the usage of your smartphone. Smartphones are susceptible to damages and breakdowns. Theft of smartphones is also on the rise, and knowing that your data is safe gives you peace of mind. Information for this article was provided by the experts at Apple Shark who allow you to sell your iPhone 4 back to them, even if it is broken or damaged.

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