Buying A Golf Rangefinder – How Much You Should Pay Out?

Golf rangefinders are a good device for distance measurements so that you can exactly reach to your desired targets on the golf course. They use laser technology to target the object. And it’s only because of this digital engineering that help the golfers take correct position on the golf course. Thus, these devices are a great way to help you out to measure distant information and also manage any difficulty at your eye sight while taking shot. However, their accuracy and features may vary considerably from one rangefinder to another.


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When it comes to buying golf rangefinder, you should consider some important things just to ensure that you’re choosing right device. After all, these devices are a great help for you to make the most of your golf. And you definitely want to buy a rangefinder that has effective distance reading with quality optics and easy to use features. Thus, depending upon varieties of rangefinders, their prices do vary from $100 to $600 and so on. So how much are you willing to pay? By the way it’s not all about how much you have, as there you need to consider over the other important aspects while buying a rangefinder.

· If you’re much more dedicated to improving your game and want to buy a rangefinder which is going to provide you with correct results, that are reliable and consistent, then you possibly need to spend over $200 at least. Whereas if you’re not much concerned about the accuracy and just happy with the distance measurements then you can, of course save up some money and think over buying one of the cheap rangefinders.

· If you’re planning to spend around $300, then Callaway RAZR Laser and Bushnell Tour Z6 can be good options because along with their cost they can also perform extremely fast and are precise enough to help many golfers to add up to their scoring.

· Then if your budget allows you the price range of $300 – $400, you can surely buy some of the models such as Bushnell Hybrid Pinseeker Callaway Diablo and Leupold GX-3i DNA etc. Such models provide quality optics for better visibility. These devices further use the latest technology to offer faster and more accurate distance ranging. Moreover they’re also made to be more compact, lighter and come with easy to handle features.

· And finally, you have an array of options available on the market where you can find lots of varieties of rangefinders having various prices. And if you’ve got enough budget then there are a whole lot of amazing options of rangefinders available. You can even buy rangefinders with GPS such as Bushnell Hybrid Pinseeker and Callaway X-Hot etc.

· Furthermore if you are choosing the most luxurious models, you’ll definitely get clear image and also the best accuracy on the range that may cost you around $3,000. Thus depending upon the kind of models and features, it’ll cost you accordingly. The best way to make your choice is firstly to know your requirements for the golf course, i.e. is it for tournaments or just for hobby? This is how you can buy the best rangefinder at the best cost. Further whilst buying, you should check out rangefinder reviews as this will help you pick out the best model as per your needs and budget. By and large while buying any rangefinder, don’t overlook to consider over its accuracy of lasers, displays, maximum effective range, optics and magnifications.

Article by Bency Goerge

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