Business on the Go: 4 Hacks for a Smooth Work Trip

If you travel frequently for business, you know how helpful the right apps, services and devices can be. You need to be able to access information and work wherever you are, whether it’s an airport lounge, hotel room or cafe. The following four hacks will help make your work trips more productive and efficient.

Download the Best Travel Apps

You don’t need many different travel apps, but a few good ones really simplify many tasks. Google Trips is a free and very useful app that lets you integrate different aspects of your trip such as flights, hotels and destinations on your trip. For example, it gives you easy access to all of your reservation information. Depending on your needs, you can also find more specialized apps for currency conversion, weather, finding restaurants and other travel-related issues. Uber, which is now available in many countries, is a very useful app for transportation.

Bring an Efficient Charging Station

A good charging station from TYLT or a similar technology provider ensures that you can power up all of your devices whenever necessary. You don’t want to be stuck in a situation where your phone, laptop or tablet runs out of juice when you need it most. For best results, look for a rapid charging station that will power up your devices quickly. It’s also best to find one with convenient features such as a removable battery pack and a cable management system to prevent cables from getting tangled up.

Avoid Checking Bags

One of the biggest hassles of flying, aside from TSA lines, is dealing with baggage. Each airline has its own complex pricing structure for checked bags. Worst of all, you have to wait around and hope that your luggage actually arrives at the correct destination. If you pack efficiently, you can get by with only a carry-on bag. You can survive with fewer clothes by using laundry and cleaning services at your hotel. If it’s a place with good shopping, you might even purchase some items and have them shipped home.

Stay Healthy

Traveling long distances puts stress on the body, especially when you pass through multiple time zones. To stay healthy, give yourself a couple of days to prepare for the time differences. For example, go to bed earlier or later on the nights leading up to your trip so the new time won’t be such a shock to your system. You should also pay attention to your diet and choose a hotel with a fitness center so you can stay physically active.

Traveling can be stressful or smooth and efficient, depending on how well you prepare. The above travel hacks will help you enjoy your trip with fewer delays and hassles. It’s best to make all of your arrangements, such as downloading the right apps and making sure you have the right gear, well in advance of your trip.

By Anica Oaks

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