Burn Your Own Dynamic Album with the Build-in Windows DVD Maker of Win7

It is believable that many people have made album or short films by themselves. Then I am wondering whether you have been upset about using which software to make those audio. Now with the build-in windows DVD Maker of Windows7, you will no longer have problem like this.

Windows DVD Maker

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Maybe some of you even don’t know the existing of Windows DVD Maker. Not to mention how to open it. In fact, it is very easy to find it. Just click the “Start” button, select the “All Programs” at the bottom of the window, and a list shows. In the upper part of the list, you will clearly see “Windows DVD Maker”. Just move your cursor on it and click. You also can type in “DVD Maker” in the start menu search box to find it.

Below is the step by step tutorial showing you hoe to make your own dynamic album:

1. After open the Windows DVD Maker, select “Choose pictures and video” button, and then click “Next”.

2. Hit “Add items” button, a window named “Add pictures and video to the DVD” shows, and enter the picture folder. Then press “Ctrl” button to select pictures you need and add them to Windows DVD Maker.

3. Click “Option” icon, and add effect to video by setting video format, DVD record speed, etc.

4. Press the “Next” button, and the “Ready to burn DVD” window appears. From the “Menu Styles” on the right, choose one of them. (You can reset the font, foreground, background, menu audio and scenes button style after hitting on the “customize the DVD menu style” )

5. After customizing, click the “Preview” button to see if the video satisfies you. Then hit “Save as new style” button and the preview window closes.

6. Put a blank DVD disc into the burner and press the “Burn” button, Windows 7 will begin to burn automatically. Just wait with patience, a new DVD will be produced.

It is very easy to burn a DVD for yourself with Windows DVD Maker. You can give it a try.

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