Broadband Over Power Lines

In today’s scenario where internet has shrunk the whole world, connectivity and communication is made super fast and tireless. Power lines which were made use of to attain internet connectivity are getting replaced by the faster and easy to use Broadband connections. In short, this is an era of UK broadband where the cost of deployment and the download fees are made affordable for all classes of people. This can be proved by the fact that almost all the houses in the modern world have taken a broadband connection

The broadband over power lines or BPL has emerged as a heavy hitter in the competitive world of Internet services. An electrical outlet is the most peculiar path through which this high-speed access can be availed. BPL is a simple way of accessing the internet services right away on plugging your computer to any electrical socket at your home. The unison of some sophisticated technological principles of radio, wireless networking, and modems, this novel method of transmitting data over power lines was designed. This transmission is carried out at a decent speed ranging from 500 kilobits and 3 megabits per second and matches that of the DSL and cable.

The concept

This new theory was put forth to make use of the available power lines and to eliminate the need of building an infrastructure from the scratch. This requires a very slight modification to the current power grids. Specialized equipments are to be supplemented with the power grids to render broadband to all those having access to electricity.

The two types of BPL service proposed are the In-House BPL for use within a building and Access BPL for transmission and electronic monitor of power systems by the power companies.

Old way

The Internet has a hefty physique of networks connected with the aid of cables, computers and wired, wireless devices worldwide. The fiber-optic lines when used, assists in the transmission of data avoiding interference. With the frequencies of vibration of the electric current and RF being different, this technology easily supported the electric companies to monitor the performance of power grids. The data sent in this way is fairly simple and relatively slow.

The transmission

The appurtenances used are generators, transformers, substations and other distributors. The power from the power plant is directed to the transmission substation and then to the high-voltage transmission lines. Broadband transmission has these high-voltage lines as obstacles as the voltage range is too noisy. This presents the requirement of a dedicated band of the radio spectrum for enabling perfect transmission to eliminate the interference from other sources.

BPL gets around the interference problem by resisting high-voltage power lines completely. The design is such that the data from the traditional fiber-optic lines is dropped onto the manageable medium-voltage power lines of 7,200 volts. There are some special devices deployed in the lines that act as repeaters. The repeaters amplify the data that comes in by taking them in and repeating in a new transmission. The current system features two other devices to spread Internet traffic. The device called CT Coupler facilitates the data on the line to forgo the transformers.

The transformer is in charge of stepping down the 7,200 volts to the 240-volt standard which is the normal household service range. This cuts down the opportunities for the low-power data signals to make its way through a transformer. A coupler then presents a data path around the transformer. The coupler caters to the easy movement of data from the 7,200-volt line to the 240-volt line and into the house cutting down the suspected degradation.

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