Breakout Technology Brands and Their Success Secrets

New technology companies of 2014 bring break-out tech innovations and new business innovations to the modern world. The methods with which technology companies are becoming successful are just as revolutionary as the new tech that they are bringing to the table. Here are some of the newest brands and what they are doing to make technology more available and accessible to everyone.


Breakout Technology Brands and Their Success Secrets 1

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Avegant has produced an up-and-coming entertainment focused platform. The innovation of the screenless retinal display is being utilized in movies and video games with the new Glyph product. Mobilized through a headset, Glyph allows users to have their own mobile person theater. What appears to be an ordinary headset, flips down over the user’s eyes and displays the movie or video game footage directly on to the user’s retina. Avegant achieved their business success through Kickstart. Kickstart is a website platform that matches entrepreneurs with financial backers. To learn more about the Glyph, visit the kickstarter site.


Breakout Technology Brands and Their Success Secrets 2

Developed by Stanford University, Amprius now has a lithium ion battery that lasts 25 percent longer than any other battery of its kind. This battery extends the life of tablets and smart phones. The new technology innovation was made possible by a more stable engineered silicon which extends the lifespan and the re-usability of the battery. Amprius got its financial business capital from an overseas backer. SAIF Partners, an Asian company, was the first backer to launch Amprius’s successful start. SAIF Partners was followed by Eric Schmidt, VantagePoint, Capital Partners and others.


Breakout Technology Brands and Their Success Secrets 3

Runa, an e-commerce tech start-up, personalizes technology to help non-tech companies compete in the online marketplace. Runa uses specialized algorithms to keep online shoppers purchasing items and encourage them to make it to the check-out. Runa calculates personalized offers for shoppers and real-time shipping information to keep the shoppers engaged and wanting more. Runa took a more modern, trending approach to success, by partnering with a non-tech company. This is an approach that many new tech microman companies are using.

Avegant, Amprius and Runa are very different but all are break-out technology companies. Avegant used social media through Kickstart to get its financial capital to become a marketable personal theater company. With state-of-the-art retinal display, Glyph revolutionizes the field of screenless displays. Amprius found its start through overseas backing. Developed by the esteemed Stanford University, Amprius’s new lithium ion battery advanced the smartphone and tablet lifespan. The battery lifespan is also lengthened by a more stable silicon. And finally Runa, blazing the trail for e-commerce tech business partnering with non-tech companies. 2014 will assuredly hold greater break-out tech and successful business advances.

By Brooke Chaplan

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