Break the Habit: 5 Apps to Help You Overcome Your Addiction

Beating a serious addiction can be one of the most difficult situations that anyone will ever have to go through, but there is help out there. Many of those that are struggling with an addiction or not seeing progress with their own program may not realize that there is an amazing addiction recovery tool in their pocket. The smartphone app market now has hundreds of thousands of apps, and many of these are now aimed at those that are looking to break past their addiction to lead a healthier, happier, and more productive life. Here are the 5 best apps to help you overcome your addictions.

Apps for Addiction

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1. iPromises

One of the most important steps of breaking an addiction is finding support right when it is needed. With iPromises, users can build a virtual support community with thousands of users from around the world. For those with sponsors, this app allows for an immediate speed dial option when the individual is experiencing any triggers.

2. 12 Steps AA Companion

With hundreds of 5 star reviews, the 12 Steps AA Companion has become one of the most popular mobile apps for those that are looking to beat a drug or alcohol addiction. This single piece of software provides a wealth of resources for those that are either considering this program or currently enrolled in their own local AA program. This also includes a discreet icon for those that would like to keep their information private.

3. iHeal

With a $1 million dollar grant from the National Institute of Health, researchers from UMass and M.I.T. have come together to create one of the most heavily-studied apps for beating addictions. With this app an additional sensor band is worn on the wrist or ankle to detect stress levels from PTSD or addiction cravings for any substance. When stress is detected, the phone responds with soothing music, notes from loved ones, and any important numbers for one’s support group.

4. Relax Ocean Waves Sleep

Those that are going through withdrawals will often claim that a lack of sleep is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome. With this simple and free app, users can set a designated timer that will provide soothing ocean music for a period of time.

5. iRecovery

This is a free app that has been designed to track the progress of those that are recovering from an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes. Some of the key features of this app include a password protected journal, customized affirmations to keep the user motivated, and a unique layout depending on the type of addiction.

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