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I am writing this article about the Born To Sell program, a covered call screener and portfolio management software which allows investors to earn an extra income with stocks they own. Because this program offers investment opportunities please follow the smart rules when it comes to investments:

  1. Never, ever invest more than you can afford to loose.
  2. Always do a complete research before investing.
  3. Use professional help. The financial advisors can suggests financial services based on your current financial situation.
  4. Know your goals and priorities and make a financial plan.
  5. Follow the pan.

The Born TO Sell is a software which offers the investors data for selling options to other people. The opportunity is to make money because according to this tutorial “Over 75% of all options held until expiration expire worthless.” So there is an opportunity to sell options to other people and make a profit.

Born TO Sell Program 3

The software has a database with 438,009 covered calls, which can be analyzed by investors.

To take advantage of covered calls the investor will need:

  • a brokerage account that permits writing of covered calls
  • 100 or more shares of stock
  • a portfolio monitoring service/software such as Born TO Sell

The user needs all these tools because covered call investors short call options to generate profit. Born TO Sell focuses on put options which means the right to sell a stock at a certain price by a certain date.

A covered call is an investment strategy which has two steps:

  1. The investor buys the stocks
  2. The investor sell a call option against that stock

Because the investor has the stocks the strategy is called “covered”.

So basically the investor sells the right to a buyer to buy his stocks at a certain price. For example: you have 100 shares to X company which are worth  $100/each and you sell to someone the right to purchase your shares for $100 a month from now. Basically you are selling an option and you will receive a price – let’s say $1.5/share.

It seems complicated but with the right tools things are easy. If you want to learn more about the covered calls you can do it for free at Born To Sell . They have a free tutorial and right now there is a 14 days trial at the software.

Nad you can also get FreeMonths.

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