Bond, James Bond: 6 Cool Gadgets You Can Afford to Own

James Bond may have had the deep pockets of the British government behind him, but the average consumer is on a tighter budget. Even when hard-pressed for cash, you can find plenty of fun gadgets to brighten up your life. Just remember that tech support from Q is not included.

Bond, James Bond- 6 Cool Gadgets You Can Afford to Own

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1. Window Cell Phone Charger

If the power goes out, a solar charger on hand makes the difference between a communications blackout and business as usual. Several companies make flat chargers that allow you to fasten the solar cells onto a window. With the adhesive strips, there’s no need to constantly move your charger around in the sun. The handy chargers can be used in offices, homes or your Aston Martin. They retail for around $60.

2. H2O Shower Radio

There’s no need for electricity with the innovative H20 Shower Radio powered by the water pressure that flows through the device’s specially designed turbine system. Not only can you enjoy your favorite tunes and programs on the radio, but the environmentally-friendly design means that the radio will automatically turn off when you’re done. The radio is a steal at $50.

3. Wireless Memory Cards

With Eye-Fi’s incredible wireless memory cards, you never have to worry about time-consuming transfers of pictures and videos again. Whether you’re transferring pictures of a family birthday or a top-secret mission, you can quickly upload your photos to your computer, tablet or smart phone. Wireless memory cards designed for cell phones cost as little as $35, while standard wireless SDHC cards are available anywhere from $50 to $100.

4. Self-Stirring Glasses

James Bond may have preferred his martinis shaken and not stirred, but not everyone shares his tastes. Self-stirring cups have taken the beverage world by storm from motorized coffee mugs for a morning jolt of joe to whiskey tumblers that are specially designed to stir liquid with a quick twist. Best of all, the handy drink ware is priced at about $10 apiece.

5. Space Pen

It’s easy to take notes with a space pen whether you’re snorkeling peacefully or battling bad guys in beautiful tropical waters. Amazingly, the space pen can write on paper in any weather. The unique design uses pressurized ink and allows for even distribution on wet or dry paper. True to its name, the pen can also be used in zero gravity conditions. Proving that space-age technology doesn’t have to come with a giant price tag, each space pen sells for around $15.

6. Mini Universal Remote

Bond has never had much time for watching TV, but the same can’t be said for the rest of us. When remotes are lost or restaurant sets are blaring, nothing is as handy as a mini universal remote control. It allows you to easily control the volume and change the channel on almost any set. Tired of that annoying sitcom? No problem. Simply use the $5 remote to turn it off.

7. Secure Home

You know James Bond had maximum security around his bachelor pad. And these days you can have the same. These days, anyone can have home security systems. Jacksonville experts recommend looking into what package would best fit the needs of your life.

Following in 007’s footsteps has never been easier or more economical. Whether you want to keep in touch with friends and co-workers on the go or carelessly sip a perfectly stirred drink, these six gadgets will help you on your way.


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