Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group

It’s not often that such a funky, versatile and downright awesome music machine comes along, but thanks to the world famous Blue Man Group, here it is. Using eight motion sensitive sound tubes this brilliant box of tricks lets you create a massive variety of cool tunes by simply waving the percussion sticks, or just your hands, over the tubes.

Each tube emits an invisible beam, and by breaking the beam you make music. The kit includes five different percussion instrument sounds, you can plug in your MP3 player and play along to music, record your compositions, play the sound through the high quality speakers, use the audio out jack to play through your stereo, or (no doubt to the delight of others) plug in headphones. The Blue Man Group sound machine comes with ten pre-programmed songs to get you going, and in our opinion there’s no funkier sound machine on the planet.

You can have this for £79.95

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