BlackBerry PlayBook An Entertainment Experience Like No Other

Then new BlackBerry PlayBook promises an entertainment experience like no other.

BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry PlayBook comes with HD video, HD display, rich stereo sound and it is ready for hardcore gaming.

PlayBook main features and specs:

  • 1 GHz dual-core processor
  • Blackberry Tablet OS
  • Full Adobe® Flash® 10.1 enabled
  • 3G/WiFi/Bluetooth
  • Dual HD video cameras

Multi media

This Tablet PC was created to deliver a great multi media experience. Capture, stream and share music, videos and pictures, plus stay in contact with family and friends.


The PlayBook features simultaneous multi tasking and you can switch between them easily.


You will like the browsing experience offered by BlackBerry PlayBook. It has built-in support for HTML 5 and Adobe Flash 10.1 enabled.


The main advantage of using a tablet PC is the ultra portability. The PlayBook is ultra thin and ultra light (425g).

Pricing and availability

The BLACKBERRY P100-64WF PlayBook Tablet PC – 64 GB price tag is £559.00 and it is available at

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  1. I love to use it very much and its features are really very great.

  2. it sure does look amazing, it’s something i want to experience. not at the moment, but soon. i’m saving up as i write this.

  3. music videos by selena gomez

    I realize the music videos are basically little movies, but I want the movies folder to be for full-length movies only. One of the videos I downloaded from iTunes store worked perfectly. It even has a little TV icon next to it. I have Quicktime Pro and exported the file to iPod format, but that’s still putting it in the movies folder..

  4. I love to use it very much and its features are really very great.
    seher.gull recently posted..Disabled

  5. I wonder if RIM is planning an app for video calling. I tested the playbook, samsung galaxy and ipad and not sure which one I prefer!

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