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A lot of Smartphone apps are really nothing but decoration, but the location based and travel ones do seem to have a value that goes beyond novelty and needless use. It is possible to use travel apps to save you money and time, which is more than most apps are able to do. Below are a few apps that you can use when traveling.

AllSport GPS

Blackberry & iPhone

AllSport GPS

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You can use the GPS on your phone to navigate as you travel. You can calculate the route you are going to take, and it will trace the route you have been. It can calculate speed and distance, and if you are running then it can calculate the calories you have burned. You can also mark things on a map too so that you may take a look at them when you return.

The New York Times


You can read the latest travel news, but it is also handy for when you are sat in the airport or on some sort or transport and you want something to read. It formats itself for the device you are using.

Airport Maps


This app is as handy as it sounds. If you are visiting an American or Canadian airport then this app will help you. It allows you to store maps of airports so that you do not become lost when you visit them. It tells you all the good stuff such as where the ATM machines are, where you need to go when you arrive and where the shops are.

Bank of America Mobile Banking

Blackberry & iPhone

You can make transfers on your phone, access your accounts and find ATM machines. It is a handy tool for finding an ATM in America. The app is also good if you need to transfer money so that you can use it on your travels.


Blackberry & iPhone

With this app you may find out about flights quickly. You can see flight schedules, travel details and airport codes too. It was created by a travel company so it also has details on hotels, car rentals and airline details. It also comes with a list of international emergency phone numbers for if you are in trouble abroad.


BlackBerry, iPhone, Android

This is just a great app for noting down important points whilst traveling. It can be used for anything from noting down your next flight number to making a list for what to pack. It is good for little reminder lists that you may have otherwise noted down on paper.


BlackBerry, iPhone & Android

This app shows you places where you may eat. It shows you what they have scored according to their guides and helps you to find food types that suit you. You can see the ratings of other people and you can rate the place yourself.

TeleNav GPS Navigation / AT&T Navigator

Blackberry & iPhone

This is something you can use if you want to rise above Google maps a little. This is a GPS navigator in the more traditional sense. It uses spoken words to tell you which way to go and will tell which way you should go if you take a completely wrong route.


Blackberry & iPhone

This is an app you can use if you support a sporting team and want to keep track of your team whilst you are traveling. It helps you to see how your team is doing via the app. You do not need Internet access to gain the most recent scores which may cost you a lot if you are using the Internet in another country.


BlackBerry, iPhone & Android

This is a security app that you may like to try. It encrypts your password and such. It is a mixed bag in the sense that it helps you guard against having your passwords exposed, etc, but it does mean trusting that the app designer is not going to steal your passwords.

LogMeIn Ignition


This allows you to control a Mac or a PC no matter where you are. You can log in to your computer in a different country if you wish. If you use it to gain access then you can use on-screen touches and prompts in order to command the computer to do as you wish.


Iphone & Android

This is a well known app by a well-known company. It is good for traveling because you can find out all the weather reports for where you are going, and you can see weather predictions for how the weather is going to be.

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