Better Living Through Gadget Dependency: The Future of Mobility

Technology is always changing and new devices are always being created to improve our lives in some way. From innovations like space flight to Google Glass, it seems that exciting changes are always exceeding expectations. So what are some cool things we can expect to see in the future?


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The Future of Technology

Many people predict that in the future there will be a number of revolutionary items. From the prediction of manned space flights to Mars to alternative energy, the future possibilities are limitless. Companies to watch are those focused on stem-cell research and robotics. Computing is always a world that intrigues us as it helps to make our lives easier in one way or another.



Initially, devices like Bluetooth and touchpad technology impressed people, but the hype has begun to die down. The future is looking exciting as many people are working on no-touch interfacing. There have already been tremendous strides with no-touch interfacing (Microsoft Kinect and Google Glass), and there are others pending. Within the next decade, experts are suggesting we can start to see computers that run interfaces that are similar to humans. Apple has already made a large stride in this area with Siri, but it still requires some major upgrading to reach near-to-human perfection.


Online Connection

People take their mobile devices with them everywhere. This has allowed businesses to use new local search marketing efforts to target their market and boost sales. With smartphones, tablets, and other devices being so preferred, companies are creating revolutionary whole-home systems. Your phone may be responsible for making coffee, closing the garage door, arming the security system, and so forth. These devices will require more power, which is where new power chips are starting to emerge. The new power chips will be enough to power your smartphone with all the apps, while also giving you a complete all-in-one system for your home. Near Field Communication is the company to watch when it comes to ultra-low power chip technology.


Cloud Computing

Just about every company has created their own cloud computing company. If you have an Amazon account, you can easily open cloud storage for all your Kindle books, movies, and music. This will allow you to access your information from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a quality internet connection. Cloud computing was relatively unheard of five years ago, now the demand for it has drastically increased. Thanks to cloud computing, IBM and other companies are now working to create better customer service systems. If you have ever called an 800 number for help (like DirecTV), you are sent to an automated phone service that can be incredibly frustrating. What IBM is hoping to do is create a Big Data system that customers can access from anywhere and at any time. The system will take care of the issues you are having, without sending you to an automated phone or a customer service representative in a foreign country. Take a look at IBM Watson to learn more about these new data systems and how they will completely change the automated phone systems and customer service world.


Will Computers Disappear?

The large bulky box is already disappearing from most homes. Many people survive on their laptops and other portable devices; however, the need and demand for computers will never change. Hardware systems can interact with cloud storage, giving you access to new programs and a back-up system that will never fail.

While you may think you depend on gadgets too much at this moment, prepare yourself for the future as new devices are being created to make our lives easier.

This contribution was written by CJ Gordon, gadget nut, web entrepreneur and novice app developer. Writing for Audubon Field Solutions, he has witnessed the value of mobile gadgets in the busy world of construction project management.

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