Best Windows Phone Apps in Marketplace – Are they really the best?

Some are of the opinion that windows apps are very less in number while some say that the limited number is more useful than the numerous apps on Android or iOS. Here are few apps for Windows phone available in the Windows marketplace which are useful (although not carefully nurtured by their developers!).

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If you are an existing Windows phone user then these are some must-have apps in your smartphone and if you are planning to buy a Windows phone then these reviews for Windows phone app might just change your plan.

  • Facebook: For the Facebook lovers, this app is a must. It has all the basic features which a facebook user would need – read news feed, update status, check-in, notification updates, like, share etc. But many bad reviews are attached with it like slow loading time because of high speed internet requirement, some missing features etc. But it’s apt for a non-techy windows phone user.
  • Adobe reader: Excellent to read pdf files on your windows phone. But that’s the only thing you can do with this app. No sharing option, can’t open password protected pdf files are some of the complaints of users of this app.
  • Skydrive: Microsoft skydrive is an app which cannot be missed by a Windows phone user. Automatic upload of pictures clicked on phone is a feature windows phone usually have. And then accessing these pics or files/documents from any part of the world with microsoft skydrive login credentials would be at you fingertips.
  • Google Mail: Instead of logging into your gmail account through a browser, why not go for this app for Google mail. Automatic syncing is one of the features which is a must for gmail users. Other basic features have also been implemented with no bugs.
  • Wikipedia: Have a question? Search on the 2nd best website available – Wikipedia. This app provides good UI and readable content. This is what is required for a Wikipedia reader.
  • m-Indicator: Local train and BEST bus travellers in Mumbai cannot afford to miss this well-known app. Train schedules and best buses source/destinations can be easily found on this app. Also find current auto and taxi fares with this m-indicator app.
  • Notes: Grocery list, pending tasks – this app can handle it all and display it for you on your demand. Excellent UI makes it worth using.
  • Photo Crop: Clicking pictures and cropping them is needed by almost every camera user. Photo crop is a good app for just that. Another app for processing pictures include Photo Enhancer.

Few other great apps in the Windows market place are Amazon Kindle, Daily History, Google, Flashlight-X, Whatsapp etc.

Flashlight-X is a torch application which will bring light into your dark life.

Amazon Kindle is a favorite app for book lovers who do not have a kindle or can’t afford to take their kindle everywhere. Amazon kindle app allows you to sync the app with amazon account and read the books.

Whatsapp (excluding it’s bugs) works great. Mind you, if you buying a windows phone and rely heavily on Whatsapp, then stop right there. Non-delivery of messages and delay in receiving messages are 2 of it’s bugs.

Author bio: I am Archana Jathan Karkera currently associated with JD. I am a guest blogger, cyclist, mehendi artist, cook and books lover. My other interests are listening to music, watching television, surfing on the internet.

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  1. Thanks for changing my perception towards the Windows Phone. I never thought that Windows phones will be having most of the features as stated above. However would try to get one for me and also recommend my friends to go for it.

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