Best Types of Mobile Apps for Women on the Go

Cramped between career, family life, and social life, women can prove to have super powers just to successfully balance all these. To make things easier, here are some mobile applications that can help you or your female friends become a little less stressed and a whole lot more composed despite a hectic schedule.


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For file storage. Remember how intricate it is to always bring a copy of your important files everywhere or emailing it to yourself just to access it somewhere else? This doesn’t have to be a problem now through mobile apps that allow you to save and then access your files anywhere. Consider downloading Dropbox or to avoid additional hassle throughout your busy schedule.

For your busy schedule. If there’s one thing some men can admit that women are better at, it’s the ability to plan and organize. You don’t have to be an expert organizer to show this though, you only need a planner app on your phone or tablet. Such application will help you manage your time better, keep track with your schedule more, and prevent you from missing important meetings and special events. There are a lot of free downloadable planner applications both for iOS and Android. Opt for something that is easy to use and navigate and has a reliable pop-up reminder. It’s sometimes easy to just create a mental note, but try making it a habit to input every appointment. Set a different reminder about it two days before the actual date and you’ll see how easier your days could be.

For capturing moments. Whether you’re out on a business trip in another city or just having a quick coffee with an old friend, if you are the kind of girl who wants to always keep a visual documentation of the event, having a reliable camera application is a sure way to capture it better. It’s even very useful when scouting for items needed for work or just for personal use at home. One app that allows you to zoom and sharpen photos is the Camera+. There is also the e Camera360 which is dependable when removing red eye effect. For variety of filters, Instagram can be an easy favorite. Having this kind of apps on your phone is also a convenient way to share good looking photos on social media.

For conversion. This is another type of mobile app that can come very handy whether you are travelling or simply occupied throughout the day. Get a unit converter that allows you to convert currency, measurement, time zone, and more. This will be very helpful when you are in another country, planning to be, or simply dealing with crucial numbers for your work deadlines.

For video calls. It doesn’t matter if you are basking under the sun or staying in a hotel room while preparing for a workshop, be always ready for unexpected video calls and conferences. There are available mobile apps that offer video conference systems that support this need, like Skype, Polycom, and Avaya. Collaborating and communicating should never be a problem even when you’re on the road.

For your monthly visitor. Getting an idea on when your next period will be is essential when having a busy schedule. Tracking your cycle will help you plan ahead your travels and other activities for the month. You can cleverly determine which weekend will be best for you to go to the beach or which days you should leave those cute white shorts at home. Pick something that will not only help you record and give you an idea of your next cycle, but will also provide you your days of fertility, which is very helpful for couples who are trying to get pregnant. iPeriod is a good pick for iPhone users while Love Cycle for Android. Both offer password-protection and user-friendly interface.

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