Best Tech Accessories Coming to You in 2017

Tech journalists and analysts are anxiously awaiting the opening day of the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show to see what gadget manufacturers have in store for the New Year. Recent editions of CES have introduced many new accessories to enhance the functionality of new gadgets and devices, and a similar trend is expected at CES 2017. Here are some of the best tech accessories you can look forward to seeing in 2017.

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USB-C Docking Stations

The latest generation of laptops, such as the new MacBook Pro, have done away with standard connectivity ports such as the legacy USB. These ports have been replaced with USB-C, a next-generation solution that significantly improves upon data, energy, and signal transmission. USB-C docking stations such as the Targus Dock410, offer various legacy connectors such as HDMI, Ethernet, and USB. You can expect new docking stations to be small and versatile enough to comfortably fit inside most custom equipment cases.

Wireless Headphones

When Apple controversially eliminated the standard audio jack from its latest iPhone, users were left waiting for a sensible solution that does not involve a cumbersome adaptor. The 2017 solution will be the AirPods, but manufacturers other than Apple are working on new wireless headphones that may feature greater battery life and better audio quality.

Virtual Assistants in Wearable Devices

In 2017, you will be able to respond to text messages or make restaurant reservations by means of talking into your wrist. Smartwatches have not had the warmest reception as the ultimate accessory for smartphones, but this is about to change as virtual assistants such as Google Now, Apple Siri, and Microsoft Cortana become smarter and are able to do more.

Smart Suitcases

Until recently, the concept of a smart suitcase was mostly limited to a GPS module inserted within the liner for the benefit of tracking it via smartphone wherever it may be in the world. In 2017, suitcases will actually be smarter. Some will feature a scale that will let you know if you are exceeding the airline’s weight limit, while others may include digital locks to deter thieves. already have some of the world’s leading suitcase technology.

Smartphone Photography Mounts

Although smartphones are getting much better in terms of digital photography and video recording, optical stabilization remains a challenging aspect. Unlike cameras, smartphones are awkward to hold for photography and filming purposes. In 2017, however, this problem will be solved with digital photography mounts supported gimbals that rest on three axis, similar to the stabilizers found in drones.

The five accessories listed herein can give you an idea of what to expect in the New Year. CES 2017 in January is only the beginning of what we will see.

By Eileen O’Shanassy


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