Best Superhero Based Video Games Of All Times


Best Superhero Games Of All Time

Superheroes and video games are a match made in Heaven. After all, who wouldn’t like to step into the shoes of a superhero, and unleash some serious power on the world? So, it comes as no surprise that there is an excellent list of titles to be found. So many, in fact, that it can be difficult to select a list of the best.

Either way, there are some superhero based video games that stand head and shoulders above the rest, and stand as benchmarks for all superhero video games. Here are the best superhero based video games in history.

Best Superhero Based Video Games Of All Times 1

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Batman Arkham Series

Not all the games in the Arkham series are excellent, but all are at least pretty damn good. And the first in the series, Batman: Arkham Asylum, is downright brilliant. Featuring incredible graphics, and a focus on making the experience of playing as Batman, actually feel like playing as a gadget wielding bat fanatic, the Arkham games are largely agreed as being the best superhero franchise to date.

The series concluded with Batman Arkham Knight, the most recent of the series, but perhaps not the best received. Either way, when people think superhero games, they think of Batman, and even some of the online slots Canada has to offer feature this superhero.

Marvel Versus Capcom

You may not think of one on one fighters when it comes to superhero games, but make no mistake, the Marvel Versus Capcom series is excellent. Sure, it makes no sense that Wolverine is slashing Cyclops to ribbons, and why Cyclops isn’t dead, but one has to suspend disbelief to some extent when it comes to video games.

Either way, the animation in the game series is excellent, and each character is thoroughly well portrayed. The most recent addition of the game was not considered the best, but the earlier entries of the game are truly brilliant.


Prototype is not technically a superhero game, in that it isn’t based on an established franchise. But, the game still focuses on all the right aspects of a superhero story, making it a superhero game regardless. Featuring a character with insane super abilities, including the power of absorbing humans, as well as the ability to leap enormous distances, scale walls, and glide along like a more ruthless version of batman.

Prototype may not have had a comic series, but it certainly deserves one, and it could easily become a profitable game if put into production.


Also not based on an existing comic book franchise, the Infamous series is outstanding in a number of ways. Including great storylines, truly fantastic representations of superpowers,  there is little a superhero fan could want that isn’t present.

The games even let you decide if you’d like to be a good or bad superhero, which is not something that should be overlooked. After all, a super villain is as entertaining as a superhero. Only, don’t expect the people of the city to love you after you toss a car into a crowd of bystanders. One too many squashed civilians and the people will be booing you all the way back to your super villain lair.

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