Best Sellers Gadgets – December 2007 First Week

Here are the best sellers gadgets for December first week:

Rhythm Sticks

Drumsticks that don’t need a drum – holy wonderment! Each of these wicked drumsticks a.k.a Rhythm Sticks has a speaker in its base, and when you ’hit’ the air with them, they make a great drum sound!

Cats Arse Sharpener

It’s a cat, you stick your pencil in its derrière, it meows, and it sharpens your pencil.

PicooZ Micro Helicopter

At just 17cm (under 7 inches) long and only 4cm (1.5ins) wide, this gnat of a flying machine is the smallest and lightest miniature R/C Helicopter in the world.

Hot Hand Warmer

Each pack contains two handwarmers, and each will give you 45 minutes of reassuring warmth per use. They can be used again and again, just boil them up in water, and they re-liquefy.

Emergency Phone Charger

Consisting of a sleek blue metal tube, you simply pop in an AA battery and plug it into your phone for an extra two hours talk time.


There are now 56 cards in a pack and the packs are made of better quality card and they’re 33% bigger – no doubt because we’ve all grown up a bit since then. Instead of the collection of cool and classic cars adorning the cards with their super-charged features and scores, Craptrumps is all about the really rubbish cars we all actually drive in the real world.

Sudoku Loo Roll

It’s all very well being hooked on Sudoku, but when do we have time to do these addictive puzzles in our busy lives? When are we sitting down alone ……..

Flying Monkey

Where evolution failed, we have succeeded……

Lavalamp Phone Charm

Replicating the iconic Lavalamp from the 60’s, but on a somewhat more diminutive and Lillipution scale, retro meets techno with these funky Lavalamp Phone Charms. Attach your celebration of the 60’s to your mobile phone, and when it rings, or receives a text, it will flash red.

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