Best Security Plugins for WordPress in 2014

It is of paramount importance to run a proper and updated security plugin in your WordPress powered website to avoid any unauthorized use. Hackers are always looking for a good fortune for hacking your website. Do you want to be among the 30,000 sites that are hacked each day? You can revoke their efforts just by choosing the correct and updated plugins for your website. Blogs and sites can be shielded by some of the popular security plugins for WordPress.


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WP Security

If you read tech news and tutorials then you must be aware of the iThemes Security that was originally known as WP Security. It gives you a month to improve security for your website and resolves the most common loopholes. It takes care of login, admin and various other vulnerabilities. It Changes URLs, restricts login, obliterates Meta Generate, restricts plugin, theme, update notification when users are forbidden, restricts Windows Live Reader and so on. You can improve the security with the paid pro version also.

BulletProof Security

Next in the list is attained by BulletProof Security that is also WordPress Website security. It cushions hacking attempts with XSS, CRLF, RFI, Base64, Code Injection as well as SQL Injection. It ensures that your website is working efficiently, in its best speed at the same time it does not tax your Database with frequents queries. It also does not utilize too much of Ram or resources. The malicious files of the hackers are nipped at the bud with BulletProof Security before they can reach the PHP code.


The next in line is WordFence that is a free plugin with brisk caching engine, anti-virus scrutiny, cell phone login, firewall, scanning of malicious URL and live traffic scanning. This is the only Plugin that has the competence to repair the core, plugins and themes in spite of absent backups. Additionally it is a free plugin and comes free of cost even though you may upgrade security with a paid version.

All-in-one WP Security

All-in-one WP Security is one plugin that is very functional at the same time being elementary in nature, and easy to use. It has the proficiency to elevate your website security in abundance thereby eliminating threats to almost nullity. Being easy to comprehend, it helps even the novice to use it, and the unique grading system helps you to gauge the level of your security. It ensures user account as well as login security with strong passwords. Have you heard of the “Brute Force Login Attack”? This plugin obliterates this threat to the extent that a certain IP address will be forbidden to enter your site.

Login Security Solution

Login Security solution is the parent of all bouncers, and it considers only photo id, scrutinize expiry and commit that library cards will no longer work, and throw people in slumber! In more technical terms, it assures impenetrable passwords, resetting passwords option, password aging and automatic log out. This plugin is just a step ahead, unlike the last plugin that restricts particular IP addresses, and it gradually slows down the response time.

WP Login Security 2

But the list remains fragmentary if the name of WP Login Security 2 is not mentioned. By nature, it is very well formatted plugin that is extremely popular. It is clever- as soon as any unwanted guest arrives, he will be asked for the IP id. Only if the website is approached via a link in the email, he will be allowed in. when you are login in from a known IP address, you will be allowed straight in. Brute force attacks are ideally taken care of with this plugin.

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