Best Photography Apps for the iPhone 4S

The latest version of Apple’s iPhone, the 4S, comes with an updated camera featuring a resolution of 8 megapixels. Given this high quality resolution, the iphone 4s deals with quality pictures much as a standalone camera would do. In fact, many people simply use the phone of the iPhone 4S in lieu of a dedicated camera. To go along with this capacity for quality photos, Apple’s App Store also provides numerous photography apps which improve the quality of the photos.

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One of the best photography apps available for the iPhone 4S is 360 Panorama. As alluded to in the title, this particular app makes it possible to take 360 degree panoramic photos simply using the iPhone 4S. Users must first take a photo; the app will then help them by displaying as frame with which to line up. Once everything is aligned another photo can be taken. The process repeats until the entire image is captured. The app then puts together the segmented photos into one panoramic shot, the quality of which is quite breathtaking.

Another popular photography app for the iPhone 4S is Face in Hole. With this particular app, you can take a photo of a friend and then superimpose it onto one of the images provided. This app provides a lot of entertainment and fun. Images that can be used include Santa Claus, the Mona Lisa, Superman, a bodybuilder and more. Having the Face in Hole app makes it possible to edit photos right from the iPhone 4S.

GroupShot is another app worth checking out for the iPhone 4S. This app is ideal when wanting to take a large group photo. This app allows users to take multiple pictures of the group then provide thumbnail images of them. The photo can be edits by superimposing the best parts of each shot into one photo. In this way, everyone looks ready in the photo.

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  1. The 360 Panorama could be useful for taking photos for use as a banner on a website? It’s hard to get a good quality cropped photo that is 200 px tall and 900 px wide, without blowing it up and cropping it a lot. I’m eager to go give this a try!

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