Best (ODIR) Outlook Duplicate Items Remover to Delete Outlook Duplicates

Hello everyone! Have you ever seen multiple copies of the same email in your Outlook Inbox? Most of the Outlook users answer will be definitely ‘Yes’. Because there are multiple reasons through which duplicate emails may occur in Outlook. For example, receiving the same email message as a reminder from your company for an upcoming event.

The most obvious technical reason is the incorrect setting of Outlook Rules or technical issues in mail server. Because of these glitches, users frequently get the same copy of a single message multiple times. Moreover, when a user combines two or more Outlook data file (.pst) into one consolidated file, also result in duplicate mailbox data items.

No matter what the reason is, duplicate data takes memory space on hard-drive, and causes lots of confusion. Also, it makes PST file size so large that ultimately leads to data corruption in most of the cases. So, it is important to remove duplicate emails from Outlook mailbox. For this, we are going to review an automatic solution known as SysTools Outlook Duplicates Remover Software. Embedded with advanced algorithm.The ODIR Outlook eliminates all the multiple copies of same data items from the default Outlook file in few mouse clicks.

Product Overview- Outlook Duplicates Items Remover

If a user only has 20-40 duplicates in Outlook mailbox, then it can be easily deleted manually. But imagine that an organization whose default mail client is Outlook, and every employee PST file has lots of duplicates. In such a situation, manual workaround does not work. A powerful technique is required that removes duplicates in a matter of minutes and with full efficiency.

Outlook Duplicate Emails Remover is a kind of software that meets the home-users as well as mid or large-sized organization requirement. It simply scans a bunch of Outlook data files and removes duplicate emails, contacts, calendars, journal, tasks, and notes in a minimum span of  seconds.

This software not only deletes Outlook duplicates, but prevents PST file from the file corruption by making it of small size. Because of this many experts recommends this tool for Outlook users. Apart from this, the tool erases duplicate items from Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003 easily.

Noteworthy Features of ODIR Outlook

  • Eliminate Duplicates From Multiple PST Files

Software allows users to upload two or more Outlook data file in software. For this, you only need to click on Add Folder button. With the help of this feature, one can select a folder that already consists of multiple .pst data file. Otherwise, in a case, when there is only one .pst file or user need to upload PST files from a different location, then go with Add File option. Once the file loaded, it will be displayed on the software screen.

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  • Multiple Options to Remove Duplicates

 Outlook Duplicate Remover software provides two different ways to delete same copies of a single item. The following are the options;

  • Within Folder(s):

This feature function is to delete the duplicate mailbox items within a folder. For example, if there are two Inbox folders i.e., Inbox 1 and Inbox 2. And, both folders have duplicates of same email message, like Inbox 1 has Mail1 and Mail1 & Inbox 2 also has two copies of Mail 1. Then, the resultant Inbox 1 and Inbox 2 will have single copy of Mail 1 in each folder. 

  • Across Folder(s):

This option removes all the duplicates from all folders and results out in a single file. For example, if there is Mail1 file in Inbox 1 and Inbox 2, then software deleted one Mail1 file and results out in one single mail file. It saves lots of space in PST file.

  • Liberty to Choose Any Folder

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This tool allows users to select any of the Outlook mailbox items and remove duplicates from it. It covers E-Mails, Calendars, Contacts, Journal, Tasks, and Notes data items. One can only need to select the suitable category under the Categories option.

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  • Save File at User Specified Location

Users are free to choose the location for resultant .pst file. One can need to click on Browse and select a safe location for the output file. In case, when you need to import the file, then copy it in a secondary storage device and import it wherever you want. Once you have specified the location, then click on Remove Duplicates option to start the process.

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  • Live Process Report

The best part about ODIR Outlook is, users can view the complete status of process in real time. A bar is displayed on the screen that will fill with the progress of procedure. Once it is filled completely, it means the duplicate items removed successfully from the PST file. Also, users can view the file at the specified location.

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Observational Verdict

In the end, it is highly suggested to use Outlook Duplicate Items Remover software to delete multiple copies of a same data item from the Outlook. Because duplicate items are the source of great confusion and also affects the Outlook performance. So, try this trustworthy tool and remove all duplicate items from the mailbox folders.

By Peter Baris

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