The Best Gadgets We Ever Tested

#1. X-mini Speakers

The Best Gadgets We Ever Tested 1

These speakers are ultra portable. And despite their size the sound quality is very good and loud. I use X-mini MAX II to listen to music every day and it has enough power for my bedroom.

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#2. The World’s Smallest USB drive Supertalent Pico C

The Best Gadgets We Ever Tested 2

My favorite USB drive: it is small, ultra light and you don’t have to worry about avoiding water near it (it’s water proof).

In rest it works like any normal USB memory.

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#3. GUNNAR Optiks

The Best Gadgets We Ever Tested 3

These gadgets are made for people who spend all day in front of computers. I tested them and my eyes were feeling better.

In plus I could spend more time in front of the computer.

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#4. A4Tech HoleLess wireless mouse

The Best Gadgets We Ever Tested 4

This is a smart mouse which has a lot of useful features like screen capture, tutor pen and multimedia, internet and office functions.

Easy to use and it does it’s job of being a reliable mouse.

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#5. I-gotU

The Best Gadgets We Ever Tested 5

I-gotU is a GPS Logger and Receiver 2-in-1 device including user-friendly Travel Blog Software. I-gotU records trip routes, Auto-adds photo GPS locations, creates an animated trip journal that brings back live trip memory by plotting the route and playing back the photos / YouTube videos with the exact location on 3D maps, making it more fun and easier to share trip or outdoor sport activities with friends through @trip travel-blog hosting site, Internet Explorer MHTML or Google KMZ file format or popular web album Picasa & Flickr.

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#6. 3rd Generation of EFO USB RF Wireless Keyboard with Laser Pointer

The Best Gadgets We Ever Tested 6

A very useful gadget for the lecturer, meeting presenter, classroom teacher, sales manager or anyone using a projected image.

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#7. Ultrasonic Distance Measurer

The Best Gadgets We Ever Tested 7

This is an useful gadget for people who quickly and effectively measure the area and volume of a room or the distance between objects.

Useful in most DIY projects.

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#8. RAC Pebble LED Wind up Eco Torch

The Best Gadgets We Ever Tested 8

The RAC Pebble is a rubberised eco torch with 3 super bright LEDs. And it does not need batteries to operate. The torch is powered by spinning the handle.

The torch is really easy to use and it provides sufficient light.

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#9. ila DUSK Personal Alarm

The Best Gadgets We Ever Tested 9

ila DUSK Personal Alarm is a gadget for women. Women usually gets attacked walking home alone at night. ila DUSK Personal Alarm is a personal alarm that emits a piercing, high decibel female scream designed to shock and disorientate an attacker.

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