Best Five Additions for Your DSLR Camera

If you’ve spent years honing your photographic skills with point-and-shoot models but find your hardware lacking, a DSLR is the next logical step. There are many DSLRs out there that should satisfy your needs at a convenient price point. Whatever you choose, there are plenty of inexpensive ways to improve your experience. Here are five quality add-ons worth considering.

Best Five Additions for Your DSLR Camera

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Custom Straps

Some of the best shots in life present themselves without much warning. If you don’t have time to line up shots and position a tripod, you’ll need a good sturdy strap for stability. Whatever your style and comfort preferences may be, your buying decision should be based on the level of stability a strap provides.

Specialized Lenses

Many DSLRs come with a "good enough" kit lens such as the ubiquitous 18-55mm unit that most beginners are familiar with. While kit lenses can actually be quite effective at capturing a variety of shots, you’ll eventually want to branch out. Start with a telephoto lens and then move on to a fisheye or tilt-shift lens.

Tripods for All Seasons

Whether you’re interested in night photography or producing panoramas, you’ll eventually need to get a decent tripod to go to the next level. Tripods are one area where cutting corners is an unwise move. Spend a little extra and pick a topnotch tripod that’s flexible enough for a plethora of scenarios without sacrificing quality.

High-Capacity Batteries

Most stock batteries that come with DSLRs are fine for everyday use but lack the longevity that serious photographers are seeking. While there are plenty of tech purveyors like Newegg and Amazon with decent goods, a specialty company like Cell Energy Inc. can hook you up with the perfect high-capacity battery that will suit your particular needs.

External Flashes

A good photographer knows how to work with the light they’re given. However, there are occasions where you’ll need a flash that’s more capable than the built-in unit that comes with your DSLR to capture a moment. Though it can cost up to $200, a good external flash is a worthy investment if you’re serious about photography.

DSLR Customization Done Right

The preceding suggestions cover the primary categories of camera accessories that are worth purchasing when you embrace the DSLR lifestyle. With a bit of experience, you’ll no doubt find that there are a few more gadgets and gear you can’t live without. Regardless, you can’t go wrong with any of the aforementioned gear.

By Anica Oaks

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