Best Christmas gadget gifts 2017

The holiday season is almost here which means we have no time to lose and today we have to think about what present is the best for loved ones. It is pretty challenging to find that one thing your wife or husband will love but with one field of products you can’t go wrong and those are technology products. Technology has infiltrated in our lives in so many ways that we want to have it the moment we see it. Due to that, I am bringing to you gadgets which can be the best present for every family member.

Bose soundproof free earbuds

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In last few years the quality of earbuds has improved tremendously and Bose is the one brand that really outdid them with this model. Earbuds like those are made for athletic people who want to listen to the music no matter what they are doing and that is one thing that developers had in mind. Bose earbuds are wireless so no more tangling in the wire while running. Also, the Bluetooth connection between earbuds and your mobile phone is so strong that you won’t hear any static or drop in the audio quality during the entire practice. Also, sweat is a common product made by training and earbuds made by Bose are aware of that so you don’t have to worry about they stop working if they touch your sweat. They know the harder you work the more results you will see.

Prynt Pocket instant photo printer for iPhone

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For more gentle gender I have picked the photo printer because they do love to take their photos! No matter if they are at a party or drinks with their friends, they will use their mobile camera often. The thing I like about this printer is the fact that it is small enough to fit in the purse or even pocket. The pictures you print out are done immediately so it is possible to share them with loved ones the moment they are taken. Another bonus: the paper is actually a sticker so you can put the pictures wherever you want.

Foosball stand for iPad

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I know I was one of those kids who loved to watch adults play foosball and I was so angry that the table was too big for me and that is why I am recommending this foosball stand for everyone who has kids. So, how does it work? The stand is actually a small foosball table with a place for iPad. It is a hybrid between real and virtual foosball and it works flawlessly. The stand has 4 rods on each side and those rods are used to control the players on the app. Basically, you are playing foosball app on your iPad with the real-life rods on your foosball player. I am absolutely certain kids will love this gadget.

Roku streaming stick

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We have covered gift for him, her and kids, but what about the entire family? It is nice to have something the entire family can use and this gadget will suit every family member. Roku streaming stick is an interesting gadget made for people who love to watch movies, cartoons, and series – which is everybody. With this stick, you will get a remote control and the possibility to access more than +50,000 cinematic pieces in every category you can imagine.

Mark is a foosball player and blogger who has a blog Zonefoosball. On that blog, he loves to write articles connected to foosball. His blog is filled with theoretic articles like the history of foosball and practical articles like what is foosball, how to pick and maintain a foosball table.

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