Benefits and Advantages of Cloud Storage

Are you still using your external storage drives to backup your data? These days cloud storage has become the most preferred choice for storing data. Instead of storing your data on a storage device at your home or office, you can remotely store your files and access them wherever you are able to access the internet. The service has gained quite a lot of popularity as of late. Below are some of the benefits and advantages of cloud storage:

Cloud Storage

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Easily Access your Data

Since your data is stored online, you can access your data wherever you are as long as you are connected to the internet. Through a web browser you will be able to access all your data remotely.

Easy to Share

The data that you store on the cloud can be easily accessed and shared. Whether you want to share only one file or an entire folder, you can easily do it with a few clicks.


Since the cloud storage service not only stores your data but also data of large number of clients, the regularly perform backups so that your data remains safe.

Safe and Secure

If you store your valuable data on a local hard drive, it can get damaged or stolen easily. However, the data that your store on the cloud remains well protected at that data center. Both physically and virtually the data remains secure on the cloud storage.

Get Desired Storage Space

If you are using an external hard drive to store your files, you may have to buy a new hard drive if you used the available space. However, when it comes to online storage, you can ask the cloud storage service provider to give your more storage space whenever you want. You don’t need to buy any additional device to get the extra space you need. Also, the onus of maintaining depends on the provider.


Data If you have added several files to your online storage, on all your devices the files will get updated automatically. For instance, if you have saved the latest version of a file on your PC, the same version will be available on other device like smartphone.


If you want several people to work on a particular project and make the work files available to various users, you can do it well through cloud storage service. It will allow multiple people to work in collaboration and complete a project.


Devices that are used for backing up data such as external hard drives do not come for cheap. Also, it requires you to spend lot of time to manually complete the backup process. And if you are to perform the backup regularly, it can consume a lot of time. On the other hand, basic online cloud storage space of about 5GB to 10GB is available for free of cost. If you want to extra space, you only need to pay a small monthly fee.


If you are using an external hard drive to perform backup manually, the process of selecting the files and folders can be quite tedious. If you wish to perform backups regularly, you will have to go through the tedious process again and again. With cloud storage, the whole process can be done through automation. All you need to do is select the files and folders you want to back up and the service will automatically perform the backup. You can also schedule backups to prefer automatic backups regularly.

This article was written by Robert Hampton, a freelance writer and blogger based in Tucson, Arizona. To learn more about cloud storage, computer security, IT solutions and other subjects of interest to Robert view the resources available from NCC Data.

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