Beldray 12 Stitch Sewing Machine Review

The last week I tested the Beldray 12 stitch sewing machine.

Sewing machines were out of my area of expertize but it is always a joy to test new products and learn new stuff.

A sewing machine is not the most complicated device on earth and even a beginner can use one if she/he reads the instruction manual first.

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Beldray 12 stitch sewing machine features:

  • 12 automatic stitch patterns
  • built in thread cutter
  • drop in bobbin
  • reverse function – ideal for finishing
  • built in light
  • adjustable thread tension for perfect stitching
  • include 64piece thread set and nylon carry bag

Beldray 12 stitch sewing machine review

The device is not hard to use and it comes with an instructions manual. The sewing machine has a pedal which gives the user more control but it can also be used without it by using the auto modes (one for low speed and one for high).

The Beldray 12 stitch sewing machine comes with many useful features. Probably the most useful is the easy pattern selection. There is a wheel from where you select which pattern you want. The patterns are showed visually and choosing the right one is as simple as it can be.

Another useful feature is the built in cutter which I used a lot.

The built in light can be useful when you sew in a darker room.

I also liked the fact that the sewing machine is light and compact but it does not move on the table when I work with it.

In conclusion: a good sewing machine which is compact and easy to use.

Pricing and availability

The Beldray 12 stitch sewing machine price tag is £49.99 and you can find it on

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