Being Responsible with Your Profile Information in

You should be aware that revealing too personal data should be avoided, whether in the actual world and more importantly, using the Internet. You must have heard of hackers who are very capable of tapping into different computer systems without being detected. The essential information procured can be used in any way they can, to the detriment of the person involved. The same thing can happen to the profile information provided by the numerous users in

There have been reported news that the facts revealed in Facebook have been utilized in the conduct of investigations made by the local police as well as the concerned universities and colleges. Possible violations have been identified by checking on photos that are uploaded, which can lead to uncovering underage drinking and other policies implemented on campus.

However, full disclosure does not necessarily lead to being punished for your actions. Potential employers can browse through the different profiles to look for prospective candidates for their companies. As long as the corporate entity is affiliated or connected with a certain faculty or alumni, it can look at the available profiles and conduct its search for its recruitment services.

To protect yourself, you can always restrict the viewers to your profile to your friends or groups. is equipped with settings that allow you to limit the people who can view your page. For more information pealse visit Facebook privacy

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